Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thursday Morning

I had a really nice day yesterday. After my morning tea and blog check-in, Anne came over for a deep hip opening practice while Kelly was at school taking his final exams for the semester. (Two more semesters to go! Yay, Kelly!)

After practice we picked up lunch at Chipotle (which, by the way, is like my favorite restaurant- veggie burrito...YUM!) and took the food over to Mom and Dad's house. The five of us sat out on the deck (it was like 78 degrees here yesterday) and had a really lovely lunch together.

After that, Kelly and I did some errands, walked on the greenbelt and then came home, made dinner, ate, and watched Elf. (Elf is one of my favorite Christmas movies. Will Ferrel slays me in that movie, but I digress.)

It was a very lovely day all in all. Today, I have a few details to catch up on and then we are planning a visit to the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar with Mom and Dad and then I am leading the Anusara Group Practice at the Love Yoga Coop at 4:30. I am really looking forward to that. I was torn about teaching yesterday- I have missed everyone here and wanted to see everybody and I also needed some personal time and time with my family yesterday. So I think it is a good trade-off to have taken the day off yesterday and then lead the practice today. I will be back in class on Wednesday for sure and through the holidays as well.

Well, nothing too deep or meaningful to report besides that. I head out tomorrow for a quick trip to teach in Florida for the weekend. I am looking forward to meeting the folks down there and teaching an all-asana weekend after two straight weeks of teaching teacher training. I actually love teaching teacher trainings. Teacher training is really one of my favorite things to teach because I find the conversation to be very layered, rich and generally quite interesting. However, teaching teacher training requires a very strong focus and sustained clarity (which is part of why I like it) and I find teaching asana programs following teacher training is always so fun. More doing, less analyzing. More feeling, less thinking. I like both, just for different reasons.

All right, time to take the dogs for a walk. More later.

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