Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Scenes from a Big Indian Wedding

Yesterday was a prety interesting day. Kelly and I got to the Driskill Hotel around 7:45am so I could have some help wrapping my sari. (Help, in this case was really just two Indian women tying it for me!) After a few bites of some great dosas and sambar we waited for the ceremony to begin.

Svetha and Chase got married according to the Hindu custom which was fascinating. The ceremony is steeped in ritual and meaning and took almost 3 hours to complete. Then we all had a great Indian lunch. Yesterday evening was the reception which was yet another great meal followed up by dancing and merry-making. Really, an Indian wedding is a very good time.

I had a great time and am digesting lots of food for thought as well as lots of food for the body. Here are a few scenes from the day.

All right, so there is certainly more to write about but the day calls. We got home really late last night, so I slept in and now the day is certainly beckoning! I want to get some things done before the heat really settles in.

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Jeremiah Wallace said...

OMG!!! Everything looks SO beautiful!