Saturday, August 1, 2009


Good Morning.

It is Saturday morning and I am at home with a whole lovely day stretching out in front of me. What a delightful novelty. I had an interesting day yesterday. Gioconda and I met up with Sabia at 7:30 in the morning for one of our yoga field trips. We started at Black Swan Yoga for Michael's MP3 yoga class, then we got a smoothie and then headed to Yoga Vida 707 for class with Scott. It is always an interesting endeavor to see what other teachers are doing and to step into different yoga studios and experience what's going on. Then we visited Lululemon for some shopping and then we had lunch at Whole Foods with Kelly. So all in all, a fun morning.

Kelly and I did some shopping at Whole Foods after which I felt like maybe so much choice is really overrated. I mean, how many varieties of special olive oil does one woman really need to choose from? But anyway, I did find a fantastic bottle of unfiltered olive oil so I guess I should not complain, right? We came home cleaned the house and made dinner for some friends. It was a nice evening and perfect close to the day.

One thing that I have really enjoyed about living in Austin- and part of my intention in moving up here from San Marcos, in fact- is developing a larger circle of friends. I always joke that I am a pretty boring person and in alot of ways that is very true. If you do not want to do yoga or talk about yoga, I am happy to listen but I have very little to say because I have no outside interests and very few hobbies! I do however, love to cook and so making and having dinner with friends is something I really like to do that is not yoga-related. The weird thing is that I am hardly ever home for dinner- I teach every night and most weekends I am in the middle of a work weekend and so a mellow Friday evening dinner party is a real treat for me.

Kelly is off on a bike ride this morning I am going to go to Gioconda's class at Bodhi at 10 and Anne's class at 12 and after lunch me and Kelly are going to head down to San Marcos to do some work on the studio apartment down there and hit the river for some R&R. I am actually off work until I teach the Bodhi Yoga Beginning Series on Monday and then Tuesday I head out to Tucson for the Immersion and I am pretty excited about that. I will be back teaching classes on August 12th.

The dates are set for the mentoring group here and so those of you interested should be hearing from me soon. In the next few days I will see about the technology to make the online group a reality. I have some good ideas I just have to iron out some details. So, info on that should be coming soon.

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Jeremiah Wallace said...

Yeah, I was talking to my cousin and his partner the other night about Ecuador, and Mark was saying how ridiculous our consumer culture can be. We have so many choices that we freak out because we don't know which one is right or better or appropriate and that gives so much of society a whole complex. I know it can give me a complex a times... definitely.