Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday Morning

Well, its been a few days.

The weekend in Corpus was a pretty strong weekend. We started in on Teacher Training information last weekend and that is always an interesting turn to make with any group. One thing that many groups consistently have trouble with is really understanding how to translate the strong practice we do in Immersions- when the group is strong and capable- to the public class scenario with the people of all ages, abilities and interests. It can be really challenging to see what is Christina Sell's teaching style, what is the Immersion format/circumstance and what is The Anusara Yoga Method. So we worked with that a lot.

I taught 5 sample classes- gentle, beginning, mixed-level flow, mixed level hatha, and a flow to introduce muscular energy to model how the method can be adapted to the 75 minute class setting in a variety of ways. Again, there are so many ways to effectively teach this method. And no matter what challenges there are, if you want to overcome them and remain true to the method, you can. (of course, it doesn't mean your class will always be the biggest... but that is another story altogether.) We are an incredibly versatile method and so when we do not feel that way, it usually just means we need to be more creative and also perhaps more patient because helping people enter this practice fully can take some time. Small digestible nuggets seem to go way farther than force feeding the whole meal. So to speak.

Anyway- the weekend was good. People are so sincere in that group and so hard working and we also spent A LOT of time tackling hard-based themes and so that was interesting. Some lights went on for some people. Others were still grappling in the dark. (See, it is always mixed level, no matter the subject!) We just do not all start at the same place or learn at the same rate. But I trust the process. I really do. We do, over time, get what we need and whatever we put into it, we get back out of it ten-fold.

I spent the day getting organized for the upcoming season of work and travel. I have lots of irons in the fire and lots of fun things and new venues on the horizon. I also spent a ton of time doing laundry and unpacking form the last two trips I have taken.

A few reminders-
  • For those of you in Austin, come support J-Man at Castle Hill. He is auditioning to teach there today at 2pm. All-levels vinyasa class. Free.
  • The Austin-area Yoga Instructor Practice is from 2-4 at Castle Hill tomorrow. (Wednesday) Devon is teaching Iyengar Yoga. Be there.
  • The local mentoring group begins a week from Wednesday.
  • And the online mentoring group is open for registration. I have received a tremendous response from amazing people all over the map so if you want to join in, please let me know. Drop me an email and I can send you a flyer. (christinasell108@gmail.com)

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