Thursday, July 30, 2009

I am enjoying my morning cup of chai out on the patio since we have wonderful cloud cover this morning keeping the heat at bay for a while. (Have I mentioned that it is really hot here right now? It is really hot here right now. Very hot. So hot. Damn hot. )

I taught Focus on Form at Castle Hill Fitness yesterday at 9:30 which was a very interesting class for a lot of reasons. We worked on back bending prep with the chair and also using the chair to assist pushing up in urdhva danurasana and we worked the shoulder principles very strongly as preparation. What I found so interesting was that people asked really intelligent questions during the class. For instance people asked me, "When I do that one action you are describing, this other thing happens that I am not so sure is good. What is up with that?" (paraphrasing here- like I said, they were intelligent questions!)

So it was really fantastic to get the questions because it told me that the group was really doing what I asked for and was really processing the information through their mind and body and the questions made for a very organic movement into deeper and deeper refinements which is way better than just throwing alignment instructions at people who could care less about them! (kidding. sort of.) It was fantastic- we covered the 5 principles of the shoulders, we got into some interesting work for carrying angles and a lesson in the kidney loop and everyone was able to push up to urdhva danurasana from the chair so that was also very exciting.

Kelly and I ate lunch, I did some work headed back to Castle Hill to practice and then to Breath and Body and Bodhi Yoga for evening classes. I was pretty tired yesterday but with each class once I got into it, the energy of the class took over and I enjoyed myself a lot.

I am spending some time ironing out my 2010 schedule and I have received some invitations for the year that I am really excited about. Lots of new places and opportunities and also some repeat visits places, so that is cool. My schedule is by no means full but it is definitely filling and at least I know I have a job in 2010. (Phew.)

All right then, marching onward. I have a weekend off this weekend which I am really looking forward to. Kelly and I may go to San Marcos for some time on the river in the kayaks. That always makes me happy.

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