Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday Evening

I am so inspired by the weekend- there were so many great things... First the trip to The Woodlands and then the Teacher Training and this morning my class at The Love Yoga Coop was fantastic. Lauran Janes and her crew did such a good job organizing an event for Yoga Bear. Yoga Bear is an organization that offers yoga classes to cancer survivors. It is an amazing organization that provides and amazing service. In class I asked how many people in the room knew a cancer survivor and I was amazed at the numbers. It is a disease that really affects so many people.

I remember one time talking to George Purvis who is a Texas Iyengar Yoga practitioner and Senior Teacher who had a bout with cancer. He said that he wanted to write the president of the United Sates and say that he should forget about the war on terrorism and fight the war on cancer because it is stealth, comes calling when you least expect it and scares the shit out of you. (okay, George is very polite and he may not have used that word exactly but his point was that the realities of cancer are as scary- or more so- than the terrorism and more immediate for most people. And he is a passionate supporter and participant of the Livestrong events.

The class was so awesome- everyone was so into what I was teaching, was working so hard and really receptive and fun to be with. I could not have asked for a better teaching environment. It was so inspiring to be with so many new and familiar people all in the same room. I taught a lot of the refinements of shoulder principles John helped me with in The Woodlands and just from my time with him I felt really clear and really inspired.

The Teacher Training continued in the same vein. We added a few folks today and it was just a pleasure to help people go to a new level in their teaching and to solidify their approach and their skills. I was so very pleased to watch their progress. Teacher Training always inspires me to be a better teacher also so I left the class feeling really on fire about the great challenge and opportunity it is to teach Anusara Yoga. We are not a method for everyone and we are not cultivating a teaching style that everyone will jive with but when we are good we are just so so good and I was re-infused with my own passion for going from good to great.

Then I came home, Anne and Jeff came over for dinner and we had a great time pouring over some of the books John loaned me from his Iyengar Yoga archives. What fun!

All right- Beginning Yoga starts tomorrow night at Bodhi Yoga! Its not to late to sign up!

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