Wednesday, July 8, 2009

here again at last

Well, I took the weekend to go to Denver to visit with friends and while I was there I had the opportunity to teach a class at OmTime in Boulder, which was really fun. I didn't take my computer with me which is why I have not written. The trip was really fun. Laura, one of my oldest friends lives in Colorado with her husband and children and so does her sister Julie and her family. So we got to spend time with them doing all kinds of things- yoga classes, hikes, cooking, eating, shopping, swimming. All the fun things you get to do on vacation.

Here are some scenes from the yoga class in Boulder. I had a good time teaching and the students were great to be with. OmTime is a great studio with lots of interesting offerings there and so the crowd was certainly experienced in Anusara Yoga but not necessarily strictly dedicated to it. It is fun to meet people in all areas of the country and see how the teachings are taking root and how communities are shaped by the different teachers, climates, and circumstances. I really love that part about getting to travel and teach.

Here are some pics from out on our hike.

We got home late Monday and then I taught all day yesterday with no time to catch up in Blogland. But here I am with a few moments to spare between things today.

Yesterday was a long day in a lot of ways. I taught at Bodhi Bee Caves in the morning. It was a very small class so the folks there got lots of help! I have not taught such a small class as the ones there in about 10 years so it really takes me back. I had a short break and tried to catch up on some tasks- like getting my book sent off for the next round of editing!- and answering some other emails that had stacked up. I have lost a bout 2 weeks of email form my other account so if you have written me and not heard from me, please try again at When my other email came back up only 35 messages were there for about two weeks and so I know that a lot is missing.

Then I went to Castle Hill and taught the Level 2-4 class which was great. We worked upside down and with twists. Parvsa sirsasana and sarvangasana to setu bandhasana were the peak poses. Great to spend so much time upside down on a hot afternoon. Everyone did so well. Many people remarked how much more energized they felt at the end of practice than when they were coming in. That is the beauty of inversions! The students at Castle Hill are really dedicated and have been trained so well in the art of taking a yoga class that I have a really great time teaching there. It is a fantastic place to teach and practice.
Speaking of fantastic places to teach and practice, after that I went up to Breath and Body Yoga. We worked last night on lengthening our hamstrings with some great work at the wall. One thing I have noticed in many of my classes there is how good every one's back bends are and how good their standing poses are but how much opportunity there is to improve on seated forward bends and splits and so I have decided to offer some deeper work on the hamstrings and hips over the next few months.
This morning I went to Mysore with Juan and I took it easy. I was pretty tired and also hungry and so for a variety of reasons I just didn't have lots of juice to work with. I did what I could and took some extra time in savasana and in seated meditation at the end. After a cup of tea, a very tasty spelt scone from the castle hill cafe and a meeting with Juan I was quite energized for Focus on Form. We also worked on hamstring lengthening and did some work on parsvottasana and sarvangasana. A great group of students showed up and worked with enthusiasm and good cheer. We really laughed a lot. That is becoming a very fun class. Really, it's one of my favorites.
In fact, last week Gioconda subbed that class and told me I had a rowdy class. I laughed and said, "Yes, I tend to attract the rowdy yoga student who doesn't require a somber environment to feel like they 'did yoga'!" Hmmm.....
So I am on my way back to Castle Hill now for the Instructor's practice I organized. We are meeting the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month from 2-4 at Castle Hill for an instructor's practice. It cost $10 to attend and a different instructor from a different method will lead each week. If you want to come, please do- if you are a teacher, that is- and if you can make a commitment to attending consistently. This week is me teaching Anusara Yoga, next time is Desirae with Power Vinyasa, after that is Devon with Iyengar Yoga. (The $10 is split between Castle Hill, the Yoga teacher and a charity of our choice to be decided on later.) Juan will teach Ashtanga, Sanieh is scheduled to teach Prana Vinyasa, Gioconda is going to teach vinyasa... Fun, right?
All right- that is the newsy update for anyone out there interested.

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