Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday Morning

I spent a lot of the morning on the phone with some interpersonal situations yesterday but I did get a chance to go to the pool and enjoy some water and sunshine. I love swimming in the summer. Maybe because Growing up summertime always meant swimming and so there is something so fun and childlike to me about going to the pool. (Plus the water is good for the fire.)

Kelly and I ate lunch together and then I worked on m 2010 calendar which is filling up a bit with personal and professional plans which are pretty fun to look forward to. Also, we made plans for a trip to Oregon over Labor Day so we can visit his family and some of our friends. I haven't been back to Oregon in almost 10 years so I am pretty excited about it. I mostly want to get up in the mountains which is my favorite thing to do there.

In the afternoon I met up with Gioconda. She has been away on a bike trip for two weeks and is back in town and so she and I did a practice together before we each went our separate ways to teach our evening classes. It was great to have a practice buddy because she helped with get my heels in kapotasana. I am pretty close by myself but at the very last, help is helpful! Great to visit and catch up also.

Let's see- traffic was insane last night due to some suicidal maniac on the road and the SWAT team and so forth which stopped traffic on Mopac for like 2 hours. I manage to get to Bodhi Yoga for class although I was a few minutes late. The Beginners now have learned Surya Namaskar A, Surya Namaskar B, crescent, utkatasana, vira 1, anjanyeasana, parsvakonasana, trikonasana, succirandrasana, windshield wipers, and supta padangusthasana. They are really doing well. It is a very fun class to teach.

Anne sent me a mandalasana sequence they did in Peggy's class yesterday and so I may work with that this afternoon before I teach in the evening. Other than that, I have lots of office work and writing to catch up on.

That is kind of the newsy update for the day. Other things are percolating around but on the whole, I particularly full of inspiration this morning. I feel mellow, well-rested and kind of happy, but not exactly inspired.

I do find myself thinking a lot about my upcoming trip to Tuscon. I am really looking forward to seeing Darren and Brownwin and the whole Tucson gang as well as meeting all of the Immersion participants. The week long format is just so profound and intense and anytime I reflect on last year's Immersion there, I am just kind of in awe.

Recently, I was talking to a friend on the phone and he said something like, "Wow, you must be getting excited about Desiree's visit." It was funny because at that time I had a visit to Salt Lake City to teach, a weekend immersion here, an week-long immersion in Tucson, a another weekend locally, a visit to the Houston area to teach and now a trip to Oregon all before she comes. So, sure, I am excited, and I told him that, but there are so many other exciting things going on between now and then that its hardly at the top of the list.

HOWEVER- if you want to come to the workshop, send in your registration and let me know you are coming. She is a talented and inspiring teacher and it will be a really amazing opportunity to connect with everyone who is practicing Anusara Yoga in Austin. It seems like its been a while since we have all been together in that way. And, really, thanks to everyone who has already registered. I know it is going to be a great weekend. And she and I have already looked at 2010 and she won't be coming here next year so if you are on the fence, don't wait!

Have a great day.


Stephanie E-R.Y.T. 500 said...

how do I officially register for Desiree?

Jeremiah Wallace said...

I met this guy named Adam at Wanderlust who said he should be going to your immersion in Tuscon this year. If you meet him, say hi from me.

Christina Sell said...

Officially, you can register by sending me a check! email me if you need my address.