Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday Morning

We had a great night at Bodhi last night for night #2 with the Beginning Series. We built on the basics of surya namaskar that we covered on night#1, added Vira 1, prasarita padasana, parsvakonasana (stage 1) and we refined uttanasana. The group is very fun, very willing and very receptive. Also cool was that Valerie came with a pen and paper and took notes throughout the class and used the session as teacher training for herself. She told me after class how great it was to be part of the beginning series- it reminded her of the magic of learning the method and also having just completed 50 hours of TT, she said it was great see the principles of teaching applied to the first lessons of yoga. I had Kelly on stage as my model and demonstrator throughout the class so that was great because while I made adjustments and conducted the class, he could be a six-foot tall image of what I was describing. I think it worked well.

Kelly and I went out for pizza afterwards, had a great talk and then came home and went to bed. All in all, a fun night.

I have some phone conversations on deck today in the late morning then practice and then 4:30 at Castle Hill and 6:30 at Breath and Body. Like I mentioned in my blog a few days ago I am considering changing that 4:30 class from a level 2-4 class to a level 2-3 class so that it will be more appropriate for more people. Starting in August, I am not going to teach the 4:30 Breath and Body Yoga class but in September I will add a 6:00 Level 2/3 class at Castle Hill. Oh, and the Thursday night group practice will become a class from 6:30-8 and will no longer be a group practice.

Those are the main changes on deck right now. As it is right now, I am working way too much (24 days straight this month!) and not having nearly enough R&R so I am really scheming about how best to maximize the time I spend teaching. And while my energy is bountiful, it is not boundless and so I am going to be paring some things down throughout the fall and into the new year.

Several people from great distances expressed interest in the mentoring group I am starting in September and so I am scheming with my technical yogi friend (Pammy, that is you!) about how we might make a group like that accessible through the magic of technology. As soon as I know, you will know, but if that sounds interesting to those of you who do not live locally, drop me a line (christinasell108@gmail.com) and I can put you on a contact list as I get the details worked out. I know, I just said was going to be paring things down...sigh... oh well... maybe I should call this blog "the trials and tribulations of the pitta nature...." (I tried to imbed the link but for some reason that function is not working but for what that means, go here: http://www.holisticonline.com/ayurveda/ayv-pitta-characteristics.htm)


Dale said...

"...the Thursday night group practice will become a class from 6:30-8 and will no longer be a group practice."

Waaaaaaaaa!!! I want my group practice!!

Christina Sell said...

I know. I am bummed about that, too.