Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday Morning

The Immersion ended up on a very high note with my class theme being "lila" or play. And while we worked on some refinements we also worked in some variations of vasisthasana, taking apart the "mechanics of floating" from down dog to uttanasana and at the end we played with handstand drop overs and urdhva danurasana to handstand emphasizing the shoulder work from the floating and we ended the class with some flying dogs which was fun and kind of silly. It was a nice, upbeat way to end the day because we had a long philosophical discussion about the first 5 tattvas to kick the afternoon off.

One thing I love about Immersions is that every Immersion is different because every group is different and because I am growing and changing and so every time I present the information my understanding of it has changed in some way. So while I am presenting the same curriculum each time, the very real difference from group to group and within myself makes it a very fluid, dynamic and unique process to facilitate. I really am pretty in love with the Immersion process.

okay- well, I am excited for the day- I am going to get out for a walk before its to hot and then do a practice this afternoon before teaching the Beginning Series at Bodhi tonight.

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