Thursday, February 12, 2009


Well, it is 3:50am as I type. My body clock is a bit whacked from the jet lag. But I decided to use this time to catch up on the blog. Out internet is not working at our house so updating this has been a bit more difficult in the whirilwind of activity that has been my return.

The particulars…. Always a good way to ease into a blog entry for me… I got home form India on Tuesday at around noon. Kelly picked me uo and we went home for a lunch that tasted nothing like Indian food! Veggie sandwiches, Kettle chips and Giner Brew. Yummy. He went to school; I unpacked and then went for some accupuncture which was a great thing to do for myself upon re-entry.

Craig and I also had a chance to catch up on some details about the workshop we will be teaching in Corpus next weekend called Living the Yoga Tradition. We are both pretty excited about it. In one long weekend we get a very broad overview of some major schools and literature of the yoga tradition, asana practice and an introduction to various contemplative practices from each school as well. It is going to an incredible weekend. There are a few slots open if anyone can make the trek to Corpus Christi next weekend. Let me know if you want to come. It would be a great way to refresh yourself with the yoga philosphy form the Immersion for any Immersion graduates out there. And think about it- what is more fun than a road trip with yoga buddies?

After our respective appointments, Kelly and I made a great dinner and then I crashed pretty hard around 8:30 and slept until about 4. I got up did my practices and then Kelly woke up had breakfast and headed to school. Idid some packing, then met Anne for coffee and then Mom and Dad came over for lunch and a visit. I love having my family so close. I felt really happy to be able to spend a few hours with them while I am home between trips.

Kelly and I walked on the greenbelt yesterdayin the absolutely glorious weather and then headed over to Lifetime Fitness for a yoga practice. We were going to swim also but we both were really hungry so we just did yoga. We used their fancy little yoga studio and practiced together. Kelly did sirsana 2 to bakasana for the first time and eka pada galavasana to bakasana for the first time. He rocks. (Well, I suppose he has a good teacher…)

We came home and made dinner, I finished packing for Tucson and then I crashed at 8:30. I didn’t sleep quite as long this morning but well, I can actually use the time this morning to get some things done. I head out to Tucson this afternoon but we have to take Spirit to the vet this morning (why did we not get the pet insurance with her? Why???) and also I need a hair cut so it’s a busy day. Since I am up early I can use the extra time for an asana practice.

The India trip was really so great and I am still really integrating all of the its treasures and lessons. I feel like something inside me really realxed on the trip and that is great. It is a very common phenomenon for me when I go to India which is one of the most stressful places I have ever been to. Interestingly enough in all of the madness that is a trip to India, usually something very deep inside me lets go. Go figure. It is the land of great contrasts. It is kind of a place I love and hate.

So a few announcements since I have been getting some inquiries about the various and sundry study and practice opportunities I am offerring here in the near future. I will send out some details on these events soon but reserve the following dates as you can:
· All Levels Asana Workshop at Breath and Body is on for March 6-8.
· 30-Hour Level 1 Teacher Training with me at YogaYoga is on for April 1-5.
· 20-hour Level 2 Teacher Training with me and Noah Maze is filling quickly. April 22-24.
· Intermediate/Advanced Asana Workshop with me and Noah on April 25-26
· All Levels Asana Weekend Workshop with me at YogaYoga is on May 8-10.
· And this just in! I will teach a Part One Immersion at Breath and Body (June 12-14, July 24-26, August 14-16.)

I am really excited about having so many great offerrings close to home. I love being here and I miss everyone! I do hope to see some familiar faces at some of these programs and from what I can tell I am going to get to meet some awesome new folks as well. If you have questions about how to sign up for any of these events just drop me a line and I will get you the info that you need.

Okay then. Lots to do.

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