Monday, February 16, 2009

Tucson Immerson Day Three

So we had another great day. What I love about phase Three Immersion is that there is less specific info to be covered and a fair amount of leeway to really respond to the organic movement of the group, to what is emerging naturally within the collective. It is very cool and makes for a very relevant application of principles.

We started the day with questions and sharing from the group and moved fairly quickly into a rockin' arm balancing class. Darren taught the first half and I taught the second half. People are making amazing progress on the arm balances and everyone stayed with the work until the very end, even though we ran late. That is a pretty good feat- not just physically. The emotional/mental tenacity required to practice like that for so long is nothing to scoff at.

We had a break- Darren gave me some pointers on kapotasana during our practice- and then we resuemd for a brief overview of the kleshas and a hip opening class that I taught that took us to padmasana, simhasana and eka pada sirsasana. We had several first time lotuses and several first leg-behind-the heads which is always exciting to be a part of. What was also great was that I really got a chance to build on some of the many pointers that Darren offered in his forward bending class the day before.

Me and Darren and Bronwyn went out for Ethiopian food last night which was fantastic. It is oddly reminiscent of Indian food but also kind of like mexican food. Maybe it is just its own thing and I should make comparisons like that!

Looking ahead to the future, Darren and I will be beginning another round of Immerisons here in Tucson in August 2009. The dates are on the Yoga Oasis website. I really encourage folks to come. We both feel like our time together is some of the best teaching we each do and the weeklong format is fantastic for really deepening practice on all levels and we are dedicated to focusing so much on asana that even if you have done an immersion before there is no way your asana practice won't shift dramatically.

Looking ahead to the more immediate future I am planning to be at The Love Shack on Thursday afternoon for our Intermediate/Advanced practice. (Mandy will lead it for the next two weeks, then me again.) And I will be teaching at 4:30 and 6:00 the following Tuesday at YogaYoga. Then I am out of town again for a week.

Okay, well that's the check in for now. More soon.

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