Sunday, February 8, 2009

Heading Home

So we made it to Chennai today. Along the way we stopped in a town that is famous for stone carving called Mamalapuram. We visited a bunch of temples- which were pretty cool. Although it was really hot and the place was kind of a tourist trap. We had a great lunch, did a little shopping and then made it the rest of the way to Chennai. After checking in we went to the roof for our final yoga class together which was fun.

At 7pm we had a final meal together there at the hotel. It was a really excellent Indian food buffet and we had a really nice time. We spent a little time sharing with one another about our experiences here and about what we are taking home with us. It was fun for me to hear the variety an the simliarity of experience. India seems to work on so many levels. One very common thread was how cohesive the group was throughout the trip. Everyone immediately bonded with one another and stayed quite close throughout. There were no strange interpersonal dynamics which was really awesome. (You know, like when kula means clique....)

Anyhoo-- each entry I find getting a bit less reflective and more "here are the facts" and I think it simply because we have been pretty busy with a lot of the travel we have been doing. I feel a bit odd now that the trip is nearing its end. It was a very rich time for all of us- lots of lauighing, lots of sweet moments, lots of long hours on the road and lots of inner shifts. This trip has been planned for quite some time and so it is pretty cool that it has come and is now almost over. It feels kind of like some turning point for me with all i have been thinking about the last 6 or so months.

I am really excited to go home- I get to be there for 36 hours before heading out to Tucson- to see Kelly and and to spend a few nights in my new house and eat some food that doesn't taste like curry. (I do love Indian food and I'm actually not even that sick of it yet!) All right then, its late and the epic travel back home begins tomorrow. Its a long way home after all...


Leanne said...

mmmm.. what a delicious meal!(that is what we say in Japanese when someone tells a good story!)

I will get there one day. Thank you for taking us along on your blog! I enjoyed it so much~
safe journey home....

Anne-Marie Bowery said...

welcome home.

love, anzy