Tuesday, February 3, 2009

We made it

We left Varanasi and got to the airport with plenty of time and then we waited because our flight was delayed for almost 2 hours. And that meant we missed our connecting flight. So although we were supposed to get to Chennai at 10pm we got there at 2am. It was a bit epic but all of the waiting was in very clean airports and so it was no comparison to the the train and bus day, but well, long and tiring nonetheless. Our hotel was a bit creepy but not scary and we got off to a later-than-planned start today. I did manage to squeez in my asan practice however for which I was pretty grateful. Around 5:30 we pulled into a resort down in south India in Tiruvanamili and the rigors of the road faded. What a nice place this is and we all plopped down into the lobby, after out mala greeting and were served fresh cocunut juice straight out of the coconuts! Yummy.

We have a mellow evening and day planned tomorrow. There is an Indian man who teaches yoga here on the property and so perhaps we will all go to that in the morning, just for the experience of it and all!

More tomorrow. My mind is tired. I need to do a headstand very badly. (Well, I do not need to do a bad headstand as that would be cpunter productive...)

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Anne-Marie Schultz said...

hope your upsides downs got you right side up.

love, anzy