Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Well, its been a few days since my last entry- things got kind of busy around here. And so now I have some pictures to share, if not a blow by blow account of what happened in class. We had a really great last day today.

Darren and I went back and forth with the asana class this morning. He started off with the standing poses and handed it off to me for pinca and handstands. I added in some big upper back openers with the chair and with the block in paryankasana. I gave it back to him for hip openers and quad stretches. I got it back for some ustrasana, pigeon droppings, urdhva danurasana, dwip pada and then he brought it home with scorpion. We had such a great time and I think it was one of my favorite classes yet.

We spent some time in the afternoon reviewing the certification process and then practicing inversions, pranayama and then we had our closing circle. I was really just blown away to hear all that people shared and experienced. I think this week opened up a lot of doors inside us all. The overwhelming theme that repeated itself was how these three weeks together really helped us all to open to the support and love that is there for us. It was there in everyone's sharing- the gratitude and feeling of luck to be together and to go so deep into our hearts together. Definitely words fall a bit short but wow, what week and what three weeks.

So many times this week Darren and I just looked at each other in amazement at where everyone's asana practice had moved to. We were in new territory and it was hard to believe at times that these were the same people who started with Immersion this fall. Everyone just got so good!
On a personal note, I went through some pretty profound changes and soul searching throughout the time this Immerison has been in session. I do feel so much different- stronger, more insightful, more connected to myself as a result of turning all kinds of things upside down within myself for a while. IN some ways I feel like I made a big circle to come back to some of the same things but the journey was so clarifying that the "same old place" is nothing of the sort-- it is new territory all its own.

SO, well, time to hit the sack. Its an early flight out. I hope you Austinites can make it to the Love Shack for practice. I am looking forward to to it

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