Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday in Corpus Christi, TX

So, that was the quickest turn around yet! I got home at 4:30 yesterday and left this morning for Corpus Christi around 9:00 this morning. Due to a travel snafu of my own making, I was delayed on the way home yesterday and so missed the Love Shack practice . I was pretty bummed. (I inadvertently scheduled my return trip home from Tucson on March 19 not February 19. The only flight I could get out was much later and so another day was spent by Christina in an airport practicing the fine art of waiting...)

The week in Tucson was so inspiring and gave me so many insights and things upon which to reflect that I feel quite full in my heart heading into this weekend. I am pretty in love with teaching yoga right now and I just feel so grateful to have the opportunity to do this work. I expected that after a trip to India, a week teaching in Tucson that by now I would feel exhausted but I actually feel pretty on fire and ready to greet a whole new group for the weekend. I mean it is not a whole new group as we have been together before but I mean a new group in terms of not the Tucson group and not the India posse.

Craig and I had an uneventful drive to Corpus. The day as great, traffic was light. It is great to be here. Michelle and I got some time to hang out and settle in before the even starts tonight. Tonight we have a talk with Craig "Introduction to Scriptural Study" and I will teach some pranayama and meditation. It will be a great introduction and a gentle way to begin a weekend that promises to be chock-full of information, asana and community. I really do have a great feeling about it.

Well, that is a brief check in for now. More to come as the weekend progresses. THose of you on Facebook, check out the rest of the Tucson pictures I posted there. Enjoy!


Marcia Tullous said...

Hi Christina!

I love your blog and will be visiting this site often. We miss you in Tucson already. I am so glad that I was able to attend phase 2 and 3 with both you and Darren. i can hardly believe Phase 3 is over. I had a great time and think the experience was nothing short of magical. I feel inspired on so many levels. Thank you!

Many Thanks and Much Love to You,


Mike Frosolono said...


Looking forward to being with you when you have an interlude from your travels. And to think I once thought I traveled a lot. Love and blessings.