Friday, February 6, 2009

In Pondicherry

I got up very early yesterday to go to the temple for the morning puja and aarthi ceremony. It was really great to be there as the sun was coming up outside. Whenever I do morning rituals like that - that begin in the dark, that is- I always feel like i am helping to wake up the world some how. It is such a cool time of day to be chanting, praying and worshipping.

I came back to the resort in time for some tea and breakfast and then we had a yoga class. After we packed up we ate a great lunch and loaded into the van to drive 3 hours to Pondicherry. Pondicherry is on the beach and was a French colony for like 280 years and so it has a very European flavor to it. It is quite charming.

We got here, walked around and did a little shopping and then I went to bed early and the group went to dinner. This morning i got up and did my practices and met everyone in the very quaint restaurant/courtyard for real brewed coffee and croissants. (I told you it was french!) The group is kind of ontheir own this morning and so me and Genevieve are hanging out and relaxing and toying wit the idea of going for Ayurvedic massages. We shall see. Right now it just feels good to be doing very little.

I cannot believe the trip is coming to an end. It has been amazing on so many levels for me. So many aspects of my life seemed to come into focus on this trip and so once again, India has worked its magic on my psyche. We have had a very easy time of thing interpersonally as well. No major upsets or upheavals. Everyone really behaved like mature adults throughout. How cool is that?

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