Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Well, its Wednesday afternoon already. I am waiting for Kelly to come home so we can eat lunch together and I figure I can use the time to update my blog and take my mind off my growling belly!

I had a fun morning. Last night driving home from Austin, Kelly and I were talking about how I turn 40 this year. (And so does Jesse.) I said, "I think I want to have a party. I want to have a big yoga practice and do 40 drop backs or something like that." Then I thought about it and realized I could probably already do that and so maybe I should plan on doing 108 drop backs for my birthday celebration. (already I can feel it- the list of people wanting to come to my party is diminishing...) But anyway, then I thought, well, why wait till then? So this morning I did 50. At fifty my back was pretty tired and so I stopped. But I figure, I can add 10 more a month and 108 will be no big deal by May 7. Patricia Walden, grand goddess of back bending does 108 drop backs once a week and she is in her 60s and since she is my hero... )

Last nights classes were great. They were very well attended and I really enjoyed my time teaching. At 4:30 we worked with the idea of one's own dharma and finding the support in being who you are intended to be and not trying to be someone else. We did hip openers and inner and outer spiral work in a strong standing pose sequence to prepare for a foray into seated postures. Everyone did a great job. (And I promise next week, I will save time for savasana!)

At 6:00 I talked about fullness and perfection, like the moon this weekend. We worked with two main streams- inner and outer spiral in the legs to preapre for padmasana and massive shoulder loop work to preapre for shoulderstand to setubandha and back up to shoulderstand and eventually the sequence goes to parsva sarvangasana in padmasana but we ran out of time. (no savasana for the 6pm class either!) Lots of people did great work in refining their shoulderstand and its variations.

Well, tomorrow afternoon is the practice at The lvoe Shck and then Class #2 of Craig's Gita series. miss Mandy will be leading the practicethis week. It should be a whole lotta fun.


Adm said...

fifty!!! Whoa. That is awesome. 108? That is just absurd.

I recently worked up to 5. I thought that was enough. "Try 20Xs that!" (Says my Superego who takes on the voice of Christina Sell)

Adm said...

I like how you think : )

Mike Frosolono said...

Why is your belly growing?


Christina Sell said...

growling, not growing! I was hungry!

whatnot said...

... this is how rumours get started.