Monday, January 19, 2009


Well I have been busy these last two days with packing and more packing and then cleaning and then packing and then cleaning. But well, we are loaded up and ready to start the move-in process tomorrow. I managed to have a nice practice this morning which i really needed and also Mom and Dad came down from Georgetown for lunch so that was fun.

I did decide to sub out my classes tomorrow since I will be eye-high in boxes. Kim Schaefer is teaching for me at 4:30 and Lance will teach at 6:00. So please go to class to support the class and one another and if you want to see me this week then come to The Love Shack on Thursday from 4-6 for our group practice. Its back bends this week and the last time I am teaching locally for a while since I have a busy month coming up.

Here's my upcoming agenda:
  • January 24 and 25- Immersion at YogaYoga in Austin
  • January 26-February 11- India Tour
  • February 13- 18-- Immersion at Yoga Oasis in Tucson with Darren
  • February 20-22-- Immersion Weekend #2 in Corpus Christi (This is a weekend with Craig and I teaching together and its open to folks who are not signed up for the Immersion so come to Corpus for the fun if you can.)
  • February 26- March 4 --Advanced Intensive with John Friend in Tucson and Personal R&R in Prescott
  • March 6-8 --Weekend Workshop at Breath and Body in Austin
So, come March 10, I will be back teaching public classes. Until then, follow the blog or catch me somewhere else if you can! So much fun stuff to look forward to.

Speaking of fun stuff to look forward to- here is the info about the workshop that Noah and I are teaching together. Registration is officially open.

Entering the Heart of Yoga:
Anusara Yoga®Teacher Training and Intermediate/Advanced Asana Intensive
with Noah Maze and Christina Sell
April 22-26, 2009

Join Noah Maze and Christina Sell for a weekend of Anuara Yoga® designed to take your teaching and your asana practice to a new level. Noah Maze and Christina Sell, both known for their clarity, humor and precise teaching styles, are joining together to present a unique training for Anusara Yoga® practitioners and teachers. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to work with two masterful teachers in a personal setting!

20-hour Teacher Training
April 22-24,2009
The 20-hour teacher training builds on the fundamental teaching skills covered in Anusara Yoga® Level One Teacher Training and will be focused on refining the central teaching elements necessary for teaching dynamic, inspiring and effective public classes. Special topics include sequencing toward peak poses, creating authentic heart-based themes, hands-on adjustments, creative solutions for mixed level and special populations, and basics of therapeutic applications of the Universal Principles of Alignment™. One session will be devoted to video preparation for certification assessment.

Space is limited to 18 participants. Please reserve your spot early.

Wednesday, April 22 9:00-1:00 3:00-6:00
Thursday, April 23 9:00-1:00 3:00-6:00
Friday, April 24 9:00-1:00 3:00-5:00

Location- Austin, Texas
- Venue Details provided upon request.

Intermediate/Advanced Asana Intensive
April 25-26,2009
The Intermediate /Advanced Asana Intensive is for experienced students who want an opportunity to explore the poses on the Anusara Yoga Level 2 and Level 3 syllabi. Students must be able to kick to the wall for handstand unassisted, push up to urdhva danurasana with straight arms unassisted, hold sirsasana and sarvangasasana for 5 minutes in the middle of the room. The asana intensive is not appropriate for people with injuries or recovering from illness.
Christina Sell and Noah Maze will co-instruct each session allowing participants to enjoy plenty of hands-on assistance, insight and creativity throughout the workshop.

Saturday,10:00-1:00 For the Fun of It: Asana as an Unending Source of Delight
This playful class will incorporate standing poses, arm balances and backbends along with unique variations and interpretations of familiar poses to free the body, mind and heart to experience new levels of unbounded delight.

Saturday, 2:00-5:00 Upside Down, Inside Out: Inversions, Twists, Forward Bends
This dynamic class is designed to challenge you to move beyond your preconceived notions about what you can and cannot do and who you, in fact, you actually are! If you enjoy turning yourself upside down, twisting (and even occasionally shouting), join Noah and Christina for this amazing session.

Sunday, 10:00-1:00 At the heart of it all is The Heart of It All- Opening to Fullness
By increasing our capacity to live and practice with and Open Heart, we gain great access not only to the human domain of experience but to the Divine Experience as well. Not a simple affirmation or new-age sentiment, opening to the fullness of the Heart is an invitation to Reality itself. Enjoy back bends, arm balances and creative vinyasa sequences in this heart-opening, joyful class.

Sunday, 3:00-6:00 Chit Happens- Revelation and Self-Discovery in Asana, Pranayama, Mantra and Meditation
This class will emphasize deep hip opening work, pranayama, mantra and meditation to assist practitioners in the journey of inner discovery. This introspective class will provide the perfect compliment to the strong work of the weekend and will give participants practical tools with which to deepen their personal contemplative practices.

Location: The San Marcos School of Yoga
400 Centre Street
San Marcos, Texas

Teacher Training: $360
Asana Intensive: $55/session; $200/all sessions
Entire Weekend: $550

Early Bird Registration- For completed registration before April 1
Teacher training: $350
Asana Intensive: $50/session; $180/all sessions
Entire Weekend: $525

For information and registration please contact Christina Sell at 512-665-3743 or email her at
For more information about Noah Maze visit him online at
For more information about Christina Sell visit him online at


Leanne said...

I think April is the only month I don't have any yoga training booked! I will see what I can do to make it! Having fun with Robin but missing you!

Pamela said...

Have a great trip to India. Look forward to reading about it on the blog if you get any time and internet to post. Safe travels!