Monday, January 5, 2009

Back from Corpus

I had hoped to post a longer entry but by the time I caught up on some email, updated my workshop schedule and the blog link list, I am out of time! I am meeting Genevieve in Austin this morning to go over some details for our India trip and then I am going to take Matt's Ashtanga class and then go for a swim. I am pretty excited for some strong movement as the weekend of teaching was quite full and snagging an hour of practice each day as about all I could manage.

But what a weekend it was. We had the first weekend of our Corpus Christi training this weekend. We will be together for a whole year doing an Immerison and Teacher Training program. The group was so great to work with. We had 19 folks sign up for the training and they are all so open, strong, sincere and motivated to learn. We spent the weekend on covering the 5 UPA's and it was an immense download of information and sharing of insight that was really pretty inspiring.

I have a lot I could say but the highlight for me of the weekend was the introductions circle because the level of honesty and vulnerability that people brought to it was so real that it really blew me away. One of my favorite things to do is to hear from people what it is that they love about yoga and how it has changed their lives. People shares some of the most incredible stories about the difference their practice has made in their lives and in the perceptions about themselves and their world. I kept thinking- yes, that is what we get to do as yoga teachers. We get to be part of that process of change and discovery and really, is there anything better?

The other cool thing is that people found life-changing yoga everywhere- in gyms, YMCA's , videos, yoga studios and so forth. I was so inspired by this as well. The power of this practice transcends location, means of delivery and even our own beliefs about whether or not yoga is "for real." That is what is so cool I mean really, we just never know who is coming into our class and what is happening in their inner life when they are doing surya namaskar. We just don't. We may think we do, but we don't know for sure. And I found this idea so humbling and so inspiring.

So it was a great weekend- Michelle assembled a great group for me to work with and it was cool to see the fabulous work she has been doing in Corpus Christi. And Beth, one of the students in the program, let me stay in her guest house/apartment which was like a 5-star hotel! I felt so totally spoiled. I really did.

All right, off to the races. More later.

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