Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday Morning

Well, yesterday was a day of packing. Today will be more of the same and some loading of boxes and furniture into a moving truck...Ah yes, the yoga of moving... Well, let's not be so grandiose to call it a yoga, actually. It is more like a task that one can attempt not to spiral into the depths of boredom, despair and overwhelm throughout! I am not a big fan of moving. I like having moved but I do not like the process of moving.

Jesse has so generously offered to come down and give us some help this afternoon, which is really great. This is real compassion in action. Jesse bought a house and moved this last year and even so close to his own moving, he still volunteered to help. I mean really, the one thing I hate more than moving myself is helping other people move. I used to own a pick up truck and well, need I say more? I helped A LOT of people move during those years. I learned to avoid eye contact, leave the room, etc. once the topic came up. (Not exactly compassion in action!) Actually several people like Kim and Brigitte and Pam also offered to help and I may be cashing in on those offers on unloading day!

So really, this week is moving, unpacking, yoga teaching on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, packing for India, TRANCE DANCE on Friday night (Please come to that- me and Forsyth are going and what a fun girls night out it is going to be. okay, you groovy guys who like to dance --you can come, too.) and the Immersion this weekend. Lots to look forward to.


Jeremy Heath said...

I love moving! I'll help out anybody move for nothing.

Jeremiah Wallace said...

Actually, I'm with Jeremy on this, I'm so used to moving constantly and I always like how it feels like building something new as the boxes pile up in the new house. What I DO hate is unloading said boxes. I would totally help but I've got a busy day tomorrow preparing for the first day back to school. :)

kim said...

So far, I am free after 11am on Wednesday to help you unload/unpack if that is still the day you'll be working on that. Let me know! 507-0233.

Anne-Marie Schultz said...

My minivan is happy to help. Love, anzy