Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday Mornin

Well, I personally loved the movie The Wrestler. Anne, however, did not find it to be so great. It was reasonably graphic and violent and all that but I thought it was really good. Everything that everyone has said about Mickey Rourke's performance I would have to agree with. He absolutely transcends himself. He really does. I could not believe that I was watching an actor play a wrestler and not a wrestler acting. Very cool. Worth some blood and graphic smack downs in my opinion, to see acting of that caliber. Same with Marissa Tomei, who plays a very believable stripper.

Yesterday was fun. I had a most productive meeting with Desirae who owns and operates the fantastic Breath and Body Yoga studio. Mark the date March 6-8. I will be teaching a weekend workshop up there so please join me if you can. And stay tuned this spring and summer for her offerings to include Anusara Yoga classes and intensives. So fun! Great flow classes in the style of Baron Baptiste, Shiva Rea and now, Anusara Yoga to join the mix.

Kelly and I went to Clear Spring Studio to meet up with the gang there for and afternoon practice. We used was a back bending sequence that buillds to kapotasana that Patricia Walden taught in Sante Fe, New Mexico a few years ago. I happened to be at that retreat so it was fun revisiting the sequence. I am better now than I was then and got much deeper into the pose. Kelly helped me get a solid grip on my heels so my new years goal is well within reach. A centimeter or two a month and well, I should have my ankles no problem! Although really if I can get my own hands to my own heels I am going to feel pretty happy about that.

Then we went to The Alamo for dinner and a movie. Very fun day all in all. Other mundane details of my life include the Uhaul truck loading we will be doing tomorrow and the happy news that the appointment has been set for the closing on our house on Tuesday. So the move is well, moving right along.


Anne-Marie Bowery said...

I thought it was a great movie. I was just pretty overwhelmed by the fight scenes.

love, anzy

Dale said...

I practice a couple times a week at B&BY - it is a great studio with cool instructors :-). I especially enjoy the classes led by Des & by Malia. Great sweaty yoga fun-times :-).

There's just something about that 90 degree room that is perfect for this thin-blooded Southern boy. It isn't hot enough to interfere with my practice, but it is warm enough to get me sweating nicely & let my muscles relax. I do have to be careful about deep stretching, and hold onto the safety of muscular energy, because I get loose enough to overstretch.

Anusara is so cool - it seems that whenever I run into a problem or challenge in my practice, I can go back to the basics of the practice & find that the Universal Principles of Alignment have the solution :-). Astoundingly groovy :-).

Something really fun & funny happened in a class there - I was working on pincha, & my mat was wet, so my elbows were trying to slip out to the sides of the mat. The instructor helpfully brought over a strap & reminded me that I could use the strap to keep my elbows from slipping outward. I laughed & said Yeah, but I could also try using my muscles to get my arms under control. We had a great laugh about that. I had not realized before how much I depend on the friction of the mat to keep my arms in proper position. Having a mat that was a little slippery taught me about that, & improved my practice. Cool!!

Anyway, it's a great studio, & they have a killer intro deal to get to know the studio.


Lisa said...

Hi Christina,
I'm back from Florida and experienced a wonderful 2-hour class with Jaye Martin. He sends his love and I can't wait to tell you about the fun class.
I'm so happy for your upcoming move!