Friday, January 9, 2009

Practice at The Love Shack

Here is a link to Lisa's Flicker site where some pics of yesterday's practice live. We had a really great turn out. About 20 folks came for the inaugural Thursday afternoon practice at The Love Shack. We did a nice strong standing pose flow and worked into drop backs and one-legged and one-armed urdhva danurasana. Nothing earth shattering but a nice way to start the year without blowing anyone out of the water, so to speak. As the practice continues, we will certainly push the envelope a bit, to be sure. Make sure that you are there next week. Miss Mandy will be leading a forward bend practice. And the practice will alternate like that week to week- back bend forward bends with arm balances and inversions fair game for either practice.

Group practice is really such a great way to take asana to a new level. We get to come together with each other and use the group energy while empowering ourselves to really make use of and draw upon all that we have already been taught. And the other really important part is to realize that if we come every week and really prioritize the time- then we are also building a network of support for ourselves and for one another. Imagine who we will be as a group with two more years together on Thursday afternoons... and then add two more and so on... So my vision for this time is that we create a cohesive, dedicated group that is at the same time open and welcoming and accommodating of new folks joining us.

And again, big cheer to Mandy for spearheading the group practice and an additional thank you to everyone who is supporting it.

And to top the day off I went to Craig's class on the Gita last night, which was great. I am thinking about really focusing some energy on that text this year. Craig's class was an excellent introductory session on the context of study and of this particular text. So, although I am not in town for the next three sessions of the class, I think I will continue with the reading and contemplation of the Bhagavad Gita.

Well, time for some asana before heading to IKEA to meet Mom and Dad and to fantasize about ways to spruce up the new house. Yippee. (Yes I know, "the wise yogi is not moved by pleasure or pain..." but well, I LOVE IKEA!)


Lisa said...

I'm so excited about the Thursday practices! If anyone wants to see the pictures and you are not already my Flickr "friend" send me an email at and I will befriend you. ;-)
Have fun at IKEA.

Christina Sell said...

I LOVE IKEA...Did I say that already???