Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Morning

Well, it is strange to think that today, had my original plans remained intact, I would have been in Vancouver. But as it is, I am at home, drinking an awesome cup of chai I made and getting ready for a great weekend at home instead. Really, not bad either way you look at it. And the Vancouver folks get a week with Robin Golt, a certified teacher from Montreal. They are going to have a great time.

Speaking of great times, we had a really fantastic practice at The Love Shack yesterday. Mandy and I met for coffee before- which, now that I think about it in retrospect, was more like an hour of me drinking coffee and her listening to a caffeine-induced rant! Hopefully I was at least mildly entertaining. Mandy led the practice yesterday and it was really great. We had a good turn out and everyone worked hard yet the mood was quite sweet. I think the Thursday practice is really going to be an awesome thing. It was the perfect practice for me after my back bending frenzy of the day before. After my 50 drop backs, my sacrum definitely felt more than a bit weird, but oddly yesterday when I woke up, my psoas was out of spasm, my SI felt great and I was in a good mood, although my arms were really tired. So yesterday the forward bends and upside downs (inversions) felt like perfection itself. My hips were so open by the end of it and my upper back was so prepared from the work the day before that my shoulderstand was stellar.

Craig's class was a lot of fun yesterday. It went by really fast and was chock-full of great information and "Secrets" of the Gita. Okay, the information is not really secret as it is all hiding in plain sight. But secret meaning that you have to know how to understand what it is that you are reading on deeper-than-the-surface levels. He helped de-code some of the symbolism so we could do just that.

The other thing that is just so clear- and I am by no means the first to say this- but it would have been a whole heck of a lot easier to understand Patanjali's Sutras all those years ago, had I gotten started with an in-depth study of The Gita. I mean really, it is so clear that Patanjali assumes his reader knows everything in The Gita. Every verse I read I keep thinking, "Oh that is what Patanjali was referring to!" Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed the class and am really happy I get to be here for it next week also. Also particularly fun to think about is that next week, when the class is over and I have finished my socializing and chai tea drinking after class, I will drive 5 minutes down the road to get home not 35! Ecstasy. Truly.

Today I have a lunch meeting with Desirae from Breath and Body Yoga and then I am going to the group practice at Clear Spring Studio. Then me and Kelly and Jeff and Anne are going to see The Wrestler at The Alamo. (Of course, if you wan to join us for that, come along. I am really excited about seeing that movie.)


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Your always entertaining:)

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