Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesday Night

Well, and so it has been busy.

We started the Immersion Thursday night and Friday was somewhat normal- 6 hours of teaching but me and Darren had dinner at the local Hare Krishna restaurant, which is our standard fare during most Immersion weeks. Then Saturday, Kelly arrived at lunch, and after a full day of teaching the Immersion I taught a class at Yoga Oasis East from 6:15-8:15. On Sunday after a full day of teaching I taught a 2-hour flow class at YO, Yoga Oasis Downtown. By the way, that was fun- I had a play list, taught it to music and we just rocked out and delighted in a strong flow practice together. Monday night after class, James ( a long time friend and one of the founding members of Prescott Yoga) and his fiancé Rachel came over for dinner and then tonight after class we had dinner with Chris And Meg (Long time Prescott Friends who now live in Wisconsin.)

So anyway- this is why I have had no time to really write or reflect on what has been an absolutely amazing week. We have a stellar group with amazing students full of wisdom, spunk and passion. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with everyone this week.

One thing I did for this week was to type out a schedule and hand it to the students at the beginning of the week. And so for the most part, we have stayed with the plan with only a few variances and the structure has provided for a remarkable amount of freedom and clarity. It quickly becomes obvious that we cannot answer every questions, or solve every problem or satisfy every curiosity within the scope of the training, And yet, given that, we made it through the curriculum quite nicely and the level of asana execution and knowledge is impressive.

All right, there are lots of gems from the week that I want to go into a bit but I am wiped out. Must sleep.


Emma said...

what kind of food is hare krishna?

Christina Sell said...

funny. vegetarian. chanted over.