Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thursday Morning

Well, after a lovely closing circle, Kelly gave me some acupuncture, then he and I went on a hike, ate a great dinner and enjoyed a relaxing evening and an early bedtime. I was pretty darn tired.

I am up catching up on a big long list of emails I have ignored for 3 weeks. (If you have not heard back from me, I am trying!) After this entry, I will clean up and get on the road to head up to Prescott for a few nights to see some friends. It has been a pretty incredible 3 weeks for me and I have lots to reflect upon and integrate. I feel like I learned so much from the experience and from the richness of the people who were at the trainings.

One theme we really worked with all week was about intention and action. Darren has been really into the Anthony Robbins work of "Awakening the Giant Within." A key teaching of his work is to do something every day that puts action behind your goal. That brings your intention to life. For instance, if you really want to balance in handstand but you do not work on it every day, it probably won't happen as quickly. If you have a goal to complete the certification process this year then every day take one action that brings that goal to life- video your class, read the manual, study the sutras, meditation, and so forth.

That is a very strong teaching and so we challenged the group on the last day to really make a concrete plan for themselves between now and Part 3 that would bring their deeper intentions for themselves to life. And so that is really thing thing- Attitude- with no alignment and no action is just hope. Intention with no action does not get the job done.

And well, speaking of action... must go now.

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Marcia Tullous said...

Hi Christina~
Love what you wrote about "Attitude without alignment and action is just hope." Working towards fulfilling my desire one day at a time. Taking the time to read every night before bed and just really learning to trust the process and trust my own expression of the teachings as they move through me.
Thank you for everything. I will see you soon. Enjoy your time in Prescott.