Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Okay so this is fun. This is a video that MiLo made and John just sent out in a newsletter. Lots of fun growth afoot in the world of Anusara Yoga... http://www.elephantjournal.com/2010/02/shiva-shakti-tantra-video-w-john-friend-of-anusara-yoga/ Check it out.

I had a great day home yesterday. Kelly and I took a walk in between the rains, I did a long deep hip opening and inversion practice and went down to see Ana in San Marcos and get my hair cut. She and I are still scheming about getting the San Marcos of School of Yoga back open which is kind of fun. I myself won't be teaching there any time soon but it can serve as a great resource for the yoga teachers in that area. Probably by May something should be in place. So that is a fun project to think about. Although I cannot think about it much more until April.

Then Kelly and I went to dinner with Mom and Dad at Vespaio on South Congress which was totally great. Good food, great conversation. Well, at least Dad and I had a great conversation. We after all, did most of the talking. He gave me some excellent advice on my writing projects and some good perspectives about moving forward on some things which was very helpful.

So today- I am going to do an asana practice and then get on a plane and head out to the advanced intensive in Hollywood with John Friend. It is kind of annual event for me. It was this week over 10 years ago when I first met John and I think I have only missed the event one year since then- when I first moved to Texas. This, however, is the first year it is going to be in California and not in Arizona. So it is the same tradition with a new face, which is fun. I am going to stay with Noah and his family which I am looking forward to and if all goes well, I will even get a chance to drop in on his class tonight. (all things meaning LA traffic and my plane landing on time and me being able to follow directions to City Yoga... See, a lot of things have to line up!)

Well, in order to get it all done and make my plane, time to go. I get back on Friday afternoon and will be there with bells on for our final Immersion weekend here in Austin, TX. Yippee.

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Anonymous said...

So jealous! I still have yet to meet John. I can't afford to meet up with him, especially this year. He isn't visiting the Arizona area! Hmph.