Monday, March 22, 2010

Day two and Day three

Well day two and day three have gone by in a blaze of Muscle and Organic Energy...

Seriously we worked with muscle energy yesterday and organic energy today. Every day has been so full. We start the day with review and philosophy, a strong asana practice, then lunch, then more philosophy, some anatomy, more asana, and pranayama, mantra and meditation to close out the day. It has been really great. For the most part I have stuck to my schedule and am moving through the curriculum pretty quickly and efficiently.

I am enjoying the time here a lot. Like I mentioned before I love the openness of the people here and the wise innocence of their spirits. It is a very refreshing atmosphere. I am attempting to learn a few Spanish words which seems to delight the group. (They are very sweet with my attempts to speak their language. Juampa (my host) and I made some plans for me to return in the fall so I think between now and then I simply MUST learn at least some Spanish. (Lisa, HELP!)

Tonight we came home and showered and then went to a mall so I cold buy a new book to read. For some reason I cannot get my Kindle to download here and I read everything that was on it. After that I ate some food and finished some planning for the Tucson week that is coming up. Now, catching up on my blog, I realize I am pretty tired. These are long days with such great energy but it is a lot of output and rest seems to be important for me these days. I am falling asleep close to 9:00 every night I am here which is awesome.

All right, well, I guess that is about it for now. More tomorrow.

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