Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I am taking a break from my mountain of email. (it is a metaphoric mountain- meaning, "Things are piling up...") I had a great day yesterday. I spent a few hours in the early morning doing some writing, then Anne came over for a back bend practice and then after lunch, Kelly and I went down to San Marcos to re-con the studio there and to spend some time in the river play boating.

I LOVE KAYAKING. Part of why I have reduced my local schedule down to just one day a week is that I really was wanting some time to have a little fun and what I had in mind was being able to spend a little time in my boat this year. That is one fun thing about kayakaing- at least the kind Kelly and I do. There is no real reason to do it other than fun. We are not getting anywhere, there is no logical reason why you would turn a boat into the current and try to surf a wave other than delight. And delightful it was! The weather was perfect, the water was big from all the rain we have had and so tricks came pretty easily considering it had been A LONG time since I had been in my boat. All in all, a great time.

This morning I taught Focus on Form. We worked deeply into hip opening and forward bends into a valiant attempt at kurmasana which was a lot of fun. (well, I had fun.) Actually that kind of sequence, as Jenn Wooten commented, does tend to create a fair amount of involution. So towards the end someone joked that "We need some music to help us rally for this." So we turned on some Jai Uttal for the last 10 minutes of class which was silly but fun and perhaps it helped.

I worked with the theme of stability and freedom. Of disciplined action to create opening. Of strong work in the shins to help us open the hips. Like that. It went well.

So after lunch, it has been a pile of work. I have a bunch errands I also need to run and then later on a walk with Gia and the 6:00 class and a date with Anne.

Here are some fun things to keep in mind!

I will be out of town for a while but in April I have some guest appearances I would love to have well attended:

Saturday, April 10
Breath and Body Yoga
Anusara Yoga Class

Desirae is starting a new class on Saturdays at 4:30 for the teacher Trainees from our Immersion to have a place to practice teaching Anusara Yoga. It starts on April 3 and I will teach it on April 10 so please support that class and support this new crop of teachers. Most of them are experienced teachers and will be incorporating UPA's and heart based themes into their classes and so please come to that. For more details, please visit

Also our Teacher Training at Breath and Body starts in April. It is the only one i Will be doing in Austin until late in 2011 or early 2012. If you have ANY interest in participating in it and you meet the requirements, please contact me. So, during those weekends, I will be teaching the public classes at Breath and Body. This is so we can have some real-life scenarios in the Teacher Training process and trainees can see the real-life application of the method. PLEASE COME! Limited time only. All classes will be taught at Breath and Body. All classes will be Mixed Level.

Friday, April 23-

Saturday, April 24

Saturday, April 25

Friday, April 30

AND! 2011 Austin Immersion Dates have been set. If you want to take an Immersion with me here in Austin, this is when its happening. Reserve the dates:
Part 1:March 11-12; March 25-27
Part 2: April 29-May 1; May 27-29
Part 3: July 8-10;July 29-31

And me and Gioconda are going to lead a practice at The Love Yoga Coop on April 17th from 3-6. So please come and play with us. More details on that forthcoming. I am thinking a potluck might be fun after that though. Anyone interested?

Stay tuned. More fun things to come.


mandy eubanks said...

I'm so glad to see that there will be more chances to take classes with you Christina.

And by the way, you have the only public class in town that makes me sore. :) I love it!

Christina Sell said...

I love your dedication to that class. You are such a great student and you know what John always says, right? (The best teachers are the best students!)

Karlie said...

What great news that you'll be teaching in immersion in a year. Hopefully it will finally be my opportunity to begin to walk the anusara path more formally!