Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The days are full

well, the days here are full. I am really enjoying myself immensely.

Yesterday Jordan told a great story about Krishna. Short version is that there was a monster in the Yamuna river that was eating the townsfolk when they went there. They were so concerned that some harm would come to Krishna if her went into the river that they told him not to go into the river. Of course, what did he do? He went to the river and jumped in. And he did not come out. And he did not come out. And he did not come out. And everyone was distraught and worried and then they saw some bubbles rise to the surface. And then they saw the giant monster rise out of the water and Krishna was dancing on his head, playing his flute and the monster was not happy at all. But Krishna kept playing and dancing and eventually, the giant grew tired and subdued by the music and lay his big head down on the river bank exhausted from the struggle. Krishna, with his wisdom, looked at the giant and said,"I know why you have been upset. This river is just too small for you. I think you would be a lot happier if we found a place for you where you had more room. I am going to take you to the ocean where you can be free."

So, too, each one of us has a wildness inside that when not given enough room, grows intemperate, unmanageable and dangerous. Even our wilder emotions like anger, jealousy, fear, rage and such need an ocean of spaciousness in order to to exist without causing us problems. We cannot suppress them or keep them in a cage of our own judgement and criticism or they will begin to eat the villagers of our own being! We need to find ways to give them space, to make room for them to be what they are, as they are. So like that.

After her talk I posted my blog, did a practice and then ate lunch, did some editing and then went to Martin's class. We covered the pelvis and which was fascinating. after that I taught an asana class on hip opening to reinforce the anatomy work and ground it in the physical body. All in all a great day. I cannot recommend an anatomy training with Martin highly enough. I think it should be required before certification. I really do. It is that good. That relevant. That empowering. I have always been a believer and I have always had the direct experience of the potency of this method. Seeing the science of it more clearly through his careful and passionate instruction is a whole new level. The intelligence of the Universal Principles of Alignment is really quite stunning.

All right- time for me to practice some asana before lunch and before I get too hungry as the morning progresses.

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Olga Rasmussen said...

I totally agree with your observation that a training with Martin should be required before certification. Having just done his training in December, I was totally blown away by his presentation of the anatomy from the perspective of the Anusara UPA's! Would LOVE to experience his training with your practice. What a gift that must be to those attending this! Hi to Martin and Jordan. Tell her I'm using the earplugs while doing John in SC - she should get a laugh!