Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday Morning

Well, a whole "day off" is stretching out in front of me and so that is kind of fun. The Immersion was really great yesterday. We began with a long pranayama, mantra and meditation practice and then did some technical discussion about the loops and spirals and the way they relate to one another and finished with an asana practice working a lot with skull and shoulder loop in cobra, ustrasana and heading toward pigeon droppings. (we are not quite there yet- we stopped with waving arms in ustrasana but that work paves the way to pigeon droppings.)

All right- after the Immersion, Kelly and I walked on the greenbelt, which was great because after being inside in a slightly warm room all day I definitely needed some fresh air. We came home and made dinner and I fell asleep early. All in all a good day although Kelly and I got in a talk about all the changes we have made since we left Arizona and I realized how many things I miss about being there. It is an interesting thing because I also love so many things about here. So it is one of those cases of "both", I think. Missing a place, missing my friends and endeavors there sits right along with the fact that I like what I am doing here. So there is, in the missing, no impetus to try to recreate what was, just an acknowledgement of a certain time -a lot of which I really loved- having passed and feeling the feeling associated with that.

One thing I really miss is having my own studio. I work for great studios here so I do not miss it because I am not involved in great things now. I am involved in really great things here. It is just something I really enjoyed that I am not doing now. Truly, I am gone way to much to run a studio as a sole proprietor in the way I did before- as we know, I can barely teach my 4 public classes a week as it is, much less 10-15 classes on a weekly schedule with advertising, marketing, cleaning, managing teachers and so forth- so it is not really a practical consideration either.

Anyway, those are today's musings from Christina Sell. I am looking forward to a nice long practice today and perhaps a walk before I do some work to get ready for my upcoming trip. I will be gone from January 21-31 on a personal retreat and so I have some things to get ready to go before I head out. I will be teaching my regularly scheduled classes at Castle Hill on Tuesday (4:30 Level 2-4) and Wednesday (9:30-11 Focus on Form and 6-7:30 level 2-4) so please come and join me this week or I won't see you till February which would be sad!

Have a great day.


Terra said...

Hey Christina,

I might try to come by one of your classes on Wed (right before or right after) to get my hours sheet initialed by you. My husband and I are moving next week to CO Springs and you're leaving town on the 21st so it appears to be my last chance!

Christina Sell said...

Wow- okay, then! I will look forward to seeing you, signing your sheet and wishing you a safe and exciting journey.