Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Morning

I was sleeping so deeply until about 4:30 when one of the dogs began to howl at the moon which woke me up! I laid (or did I lie? I never know.Or did I lay? ) in bed for another hour and then got up and did my pranayama and meditation practice and now and doing a little writing while my digestion turns after which I will eat some breakfast.

Hmmm... I am enjoying teaching Immersion a lot this weekend. I usually enjoy it so it is not that I am saying I like it more than other times or anything like that. It is just that what I like about Part 3 is that so much of the outlining of the UPA's is actually done so the asana is less structured around disseminating the method in a step-by-step process and more integrated into people's bodies which is really cool to see. By Part Three we know each other pretty well and so that affords a lovely freedom as a teacher and the group that has made it this far is always of a high caliber and a high level of commitment. It is no small task to commit to a 108 hours of Immersion Studies. It is a big deal. It really is.

So- also, as we near the final weekends of Immersion studies we begin to turn our minds every so slightly towards teacher training which is just around the corner. I really hope some of you who have already done an Immersion or a 30-hour teacher training with me can join this group for teacher training. This is the only local teacher training I will be doing until 2011 or maybe even 2012 and so it is a great opportunity to refine your skills. I just cannot do a lot with individual meetings, mentoring and so forth so this is a great way to get support in the certification process. We have 100 hours of TT on the books which is also a great because we get to really work together- not in a piecemeal fashion. Also- the group has a lot of experienced teachers in it so I anticipate the level of conversation being quite interesting.

Don't get me wrong. I like training teachers of all levels, I really do. But experienced teachers have a whole different relationship to teaching because they have been on the front lines,so to speak and so the challenges and delights of teaching asana are based on direct experience which makes for a very interesting conversation.

Speaking of Teacher Training, for those of you who live outside of Austin, Texas, please consider joining me in Costa Rica for a week of work with Sequencing strategies. Morning with me and the afternoons with Martin Kirk diving into anatomy and the science of the UPA's and evening kirtan with Shantala- all while you eat great food with awesome people in a beautiful place. (Shameless plug, here.) But really I do not know when I would do another training just like this. Seems like two years ago I did a sequencing training in San Marcos, so it has been a while. For more info go to

Well, I did not get online this morning planning to do commercials but while I am at it- there is still room in the Mexico Retreat in February. All levels are welcome and I am very excited about a week of yoga, sun and surf. Check it out.

All right- enough of all that for now. I had a great conversation last night with my friend and colleague Emma Magenta, an awesome certified teacher up in New Jersey, and after some business we got to sharing about teaching yoga and she said something so cool and inspiring I thought I would pass it along. We were talking about our dharma and how much we love our work and she said, "You know sometimes I am teaching and I find that I am saying things from such a deep place and I truly feel like I am being an instrument for something Greater." She said, "It is not every day but it is at least once a week that I feel that way." We went on to talk about how lucky we are to have work that puts us in such a flow and delivers us to that sense of service and how much more we like teaching yoga now than when we started. The journey is more fun, more interesting, more refined now than when we started. And so, instead of doing this for ten years, twelve or however many years and feeling burnt out, we both feel more inspired now than when we started. How cool is that?

Time for food.

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