Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wednesday Morning

Well, its Wednesday morning already and I am finishing up my tea this morning getting as Kelly is reading me some horrifying statistics about how many hours a day the average America child is interacting with an electronic device. Of course, I could talk about that this morning but if you are reading this it is because you are interacting with an electronic device! (Sigh)

This morning breakfast is like a new stream...last in, Kelly says Cedar allergies are predicted to get worse... okay, enough of that...time to write....

Well, yesterday was a somewhat trying day. I spent a lot of time yesterday (like 3 hours) compiling and editing a draft of my manuscript to get to John so he can edit it while I am on retreat and the computer kept not saving my work and losing the document and not sending it and so forth. I was seriously frustrated. Nor did it did not help that I had coffee yesterday morning instead of my usual tea so I was more edgy than usual! But eventually, I got the document changed, saved and sent to Mr. Friend.

On the non-trying end of things, I went down to San Marcos to have my hair cut with Ana and to talk with her about her journey as a yoga teacher and some ideas about opening up The San Marcos School of Yoga again. So that was fun. I don't think I would take on any classes there but we may collaborate on opening it as a Yoga Co-op of sorts with a somewhat small initial class offering. We'll see. Nothing definite until I get back from my retreat and I am more clear about how best to use my energy. But having the space in operation would also free me up to hold some of my 2011 trainings there.

So, then I went to Castle Hill for my 4:30 class which was fun. I had a class plan but I also took requests although oddly, I didn't really work too well with the requests or my plan because once I was looking at certain poses I went in the direction of what I was seeing in the classroom over what I had planned. So we worked a lot with shoulder and skull loop- a favorite topic of mine as of late- in vira 1, anjaneyasana, eka pada raka kapotasana and took that into some ustrasana and ustrasana drop backs and then into some urdhva danurasana work. I got on a theme about making peace with the small nation of one's own being and being sovereign over oneself as a peaceful and intelligent ruler. I thought it went well. We had a very sweet and sincere and hard working group assembled.

So- time to get ready for Focus on Form.


Lisa said...

Hi! Hope you have a wonderful time on retreat. I have been out of class for a while now with this dang injury but hope to make a re-appearance soon. I hope you will still be "into" skull loop when we meet up again; I want to understand it better. Happy New Year!

mark said...

Great classes the last two days.