Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day Two

Well, it has been a lovely time in Tucson so far. We started Thursday evening at Darren and Bronwyn's house for the introductory session. It is such an intimate and sweet way to gather together. Although I must say 52 people fitting into their living room was more than a little cozy although it worked beautifully.

I guess 52 people in the room at Yoga Oasis is a bit cozy also. But we snuggled in together the next morning and for the next week. We have a diverse group of people and practitioners. Lots of Tucson folks, Kumiko from Japan, Andrea from Asterdam, a few from Idaho, some from Canada, Los Angeles, Colorado, New York and Gia even came back from Austin. We have Anusara-Inspired teacher, soon-to-be-inspired teachers, folks new to Anusara yoga and everything in between. I believe the age range spans a few decades as well! And while I have pointed out how different and diverse the group is it is also quite unified. There is a sweet receptivity amongst the participants and a strong desire to learn and understand the method that is really delightful. Everyone is very willing to "go for it" on a lot of levels so that is also really inspiring.

We have been sticking as close to the curriculum as possible and still allowing as much as we can for the questions that arise a long the way to get answered, Yesterday we worked with Set the Foundation/Open to Grace in asana and today we had a "Hello to Muscle Energy" class which ended in dynamic arm balancing practice- bakasana, eka hasta bhujasana, dwi hasta bhhujasana, bhujapidasana. Great fun hugging the midline!

So- the thing to me that is really strong as we are teaching is just how much I love teaching Immersions. The opportunity to be with a group of people who have reserved 6 straight days of their life to immerse themselves in practice, teachings and good company is a most wonderful thing. to have the time and the opportunity to dive deeply into the teachings is so fantastic.

After class today I did a practice, ate some kitcharee and then Stephanie gave me massage which was so just plain great. Not plain great. No, it was more like fantastically great, supremely great, Absolutely Great. So while there is plenty more to reflect on tonight, I am going to sign off so that I can enjoy the afterglow of my massage treat.

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