Sunday, June 7, 2009

What a great weekend

What a great weekend.

Teaching at Presoctt Yoga is one of my favorite teaching opportunities I have all year. It is a homecoming for me in so many ways. I have talked about this before but when I go to a new area to teach a workshp to people I do not know, the first part of the workshop is "getting ot know you." I am learning about how they learn and what they can do what they need and and part of what the studentts are "getting to know" is my teaching style how to best get from me what I have to offer. One thing that we actually have to do as visiting teachers is help people learn how to take our yoga class. However, Prescott Yoga is a community of people who helped me develop my teaching style for many years, many of them I "learned on" and so they are very well trained in "how to take my yoga class". Rachel Peters who is now the director and Cheryl Walters who is the other main teacher there were both long time students of mine and so the studnets there have been taking yoga classes from me and my studnets now for 10 years. That makes for an incerdible, almost unheard of weekend workshop teaching opportunity.

So that is just part of it that makes my job easy and fun. But, really, it's way more than that. In the Saturday afternoon class I looked up and saw Sunny, who was in the first yoga class I ever taught in Prescott. At least six people in the room studied with me in my first year of teaching and then became the founding members of Prescott Yoga. Probably another 6 people I taught for at least 3-5 years have now completed a local 200-hour teacher training program and have begun teaching yoga themselves. BJ Galvan, a certified teacher from Scottsdale came up with a car load of her crew and Stephanie Lindsay, and Anusara-Inspired teacher and her friend came down from from Flagstaff. I met Stephanie at a John Friend workshop but got to know ehre when she came to my Imerison with Darren in Tucson and in fact, she now teaches a good friend and former student of mine who was also the guy who hired Kelly at the coffee shop we eventually bought! I could go on and on because the web of relationships was stunning and inspiring.

That really is the thing about Anusara Yoga that I love. It is such an amazing and fulfilling thing to be part of this web of dedicated, creative and sincere people who find their way to this yoga. And while so many different reasons seem to draw us to the practice I find that simliar things seem to keep us practicing, not the least of which is the blessing that it is to be woven into the fabric of a grand community.

the only down side of the whole weekend is that my flgiht to Austin is delayed. I was supposed ot gethome at midnight and now it loks like 2am. Ugh. And I will be subbing Focus on Form tomorrow for Clayton and so that should be interesting. (I will get to test the theory and pompous claim I recently made that I could probably teach a yoga class with my eyes closed! No really, I will totally rally and it will be great. I am not at all worried so if you are free at 9:30 in the morning come join me...)


Anne-Marie Bowery said...

welcome home, plan to drop milo off at puppy school and come to class.

Love, Anne

Jeremiah Wallace said...

YAY!!! Yeah, it was kinda crazy when I was talking to BJ and asked her if she knew Stephani, and she said that Stephani used to date one of her sons. That was kinda cool... and I miss Stephani. I should make one of my goals this coming year to see her.

Christina Sell said...

Right, see...the tangled web we weave... wouldn't want it any other way though!