Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Home Again

Well, we had a long trip home yesterday and got to bed around midnight. I am up and getting ready for the day which begins at Bodhi Bee Caves this morning, then a practice, then class at Castle Hill and then Breath and Body. I suppose today is one of those days when my mom would say- " You are hitting the ground running." Something like that.

The weekend was really great. Viroqua is a really amazing place. It is the heart of what is known as The Organic Valley in Wisconsin and so the land is fertile and the people are very connected to the land and its cycles and also there is a huge enclave of dedicated Waldorf educators and Steiner students/practitioners there and so it makes for an incredible rich, wholesome and expansive kind of experience there.

I worked with the theme of Light all weekend, given that it was the Summer Solstice weekend. Very fun. Also fun is that Kelly came along and our hosts were some very long time friends of ours so it was a great mix of business and pleasure. Meg and Chris have a new member of their family so it was fun to see how much Maple, their first child has grown but also to meet Eider who is a very cuddly and chubby baby boy of only a few months.

All right, well, I meditated, my coffee is consumed, my green powder has been downed, this blog has been briefly updated and now I must bathe before heading out.

OH- I have switched hosting sites for my email and so any email that came in to christina@christinasell.com over the weekend is lost- so if you do not hear from me I am not ignoring you. Email me on christinasell108@gmail.com instead.

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