Thursday, June 25, 2009


Well, busy few days coupled with the fact we had some website snafu's to deal with that ate up an extraordinary amount of what was already limited time. Yes, once again modern teachnology is making our life easier....

Anyhoo-so much to re-cap but the thing that is really on my mind today day is what I taught my class at Bodhi Yoga about last night. I was planning to have a date with Zoe between my 4:30 class and my 7:30 class but she called and had to cancel due to surprise conflict. But she left me this really cool message that said she had been really excited to talk with me becasue she had been really feeling a kind of expansive enthusiasm about yoga, teaching, life, being a woman and so on. I am paraphrasing here a bit but the force of her message was quite strong. It was strong enough, in fact, to shift my mindset away from some circumstantial details I had been caught in and been ruminating about.

And as I felt my state of mind shift I was hit with a huge, "BAM! That's right...Remember the Highest!" I had been caught in the lowest and in one instant, my outlook changed. It was very cool. Then I remembered the importance of community. Really, the thing is we cannot always Remember on our own. We forget. We get veiled. And one of the functions of the community is to remind us, to testify, to call us to the Highest. And it can happen on a voice mail.

I guess modern technology really can make our life easier. Go figure.

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Angie E said...

I was one of the lucky ones who attended the class at Bodhi you mentioned. It was my second ever yoga class, which I am in the process of writing about and still digesting. (I am the one whose brain couldn't quite get her hands to go into backward prayer without assistance if that helps) The story of how that voice mail changed your outlook and brought you out of a funk really resonated with me, as did the theme of vastness and the positive empowering energy I felt during those 90minutes. I am in gratitude for the experience - including help to do my first ever hand stand! I am still shocked and proud at that one. :)
Ok, this is going to turn into a mini novel if I don't stop myself - but not without my sincerest Thank You and deepest gratitude for bringing the experience of Anusara Yoga into my life.