Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday in Viroqua, WI

Long day of travel yesterday. Kelly is on this trip with me because my host here, Meg, is a long time student and friend of mine and she is married to Chris who is also a great friend of mine and Kelly and so we made the trip together.

We got off to the airport early and made it to Chicago where there were lots of storms and our flight to Madison was cancelled, and then we got on another plane which was also delayed, etc. We rented a car and drove from Chicago to Viroqua which took the better part of 5 hours. I got out of the car about 10 minutes before the session started and jumped right into things. We have a great group here. About 26 folks from Viroqua, Madison, and Milwaulkie. We are working with the theme of Light this weekend- given that is Solstice Weekend.  Last night we worked with The Light of the Mind and Developing Awareness. There is more that I could say but I have to get dressed and go teach about The Light of the Heart.

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