Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday Afternoon

Well, I have a short break in my day to have lunch and to catch up on office things.

I got up and went to practice Mysore in the morning. (What fun... we added danurasana and parsva danurasana today!) Then, after a shower at The Castle and a spelt muffin from their cafe, I made my way to Bodhi Bee Caves for my Tuesday morning classes. The classes went very well. I had a few returning students from last week, which is always great in the first few weeks of a class. While I made some plans I kept myself very fluid to repsond to whoever showed up because a lot of the folks coming to classes there are new to yoga.

And so that gave me an idea- I am going to offer a Beginning Yoga Series at Bodhi Bee Caves in July. I will be ironing out the details of it soon so stay tuned. I mention it because many of you in Teacher Training have asked me when I might do another one and the time is soon. Ever wonder "How would I teach all of this to a beginner?" Well, you can sign up and come to class and see for yourself! Also- this would be a perfect time to recruit a friend or mate or loved one to the practice. (I promise I will be very nice to them.) Bodhi Bee Caves is a beautiful, fully-equipped studio where almost any type of person would feel comfortable. So stay tuned for those details. And since Beginning Series are like my favorite things to teach I am very excited about it.

Also- I want to tell everyone that the Workshop with Desiree Rumbaugh is open for registration. Desiree Rumbaugh was the person who introduced me to Anusara Yoga in 1998 and later to John Friend. She travels tirelessly teaching groups all over the globe about how to use asana as a means of self-discovery, empowerment and awakening. And she is coming to teach us again this year in September. We all had a lot of fun on her visit her last year and this year will be no doubt be fantastic. If you want information or to register, send me an email at christinasell108@gmail.com .

By the way, christinasell108@gmail.com is my preferred email address these days, please. It is the easiest one to access no matter I am. Thanks.

In more immediate news, Juan and Craig and Mark U. are teaming up for what appears to be an information-packed weekend of teaching and inspiring yogic contemplation called Yoga and the Individual. I highly recommend attending and now- given that I have postponed my weekend workshop at Bodhi that I had scheduled, you can be completely unconflicted in going to Castle Hill to study with these teachers! Kidding. But seriously, I did postpone the weekend workshop for a future date.

And speaking of future dates- put this in your date book- those of you far and wide who want to study with me and learn more about anatomy and as it relates to the UPA's and are ready to plan what you are doing in March 2010, that is. It's a Costa Rica Retreat with Inner Harmony that is going to be awesome. You will get to do Asana Class with me in the mornings (or of course you could come and take asana with one of the other teachers although I would be devastated. Not really, actually. It's a great line-up and you cannot go wrong.) and Anatomy Class is in the afternoons with Martin Kirk and then we all do kirtan in the evenings with Benjy and Heather. Does it get any better than that? I do not think so! So get your yoga geek on in Costa Rica- it will be a blast. I cannot wait.

All right- next thing. Off to teach Level 2-4 at Castle Hill at 4:30 and at Breath and Body Yoga at 6:00. It's a busy day indeed.

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