Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Yesterday was a nice day. I got to catch up on some work at the computer, touch base with my friend Darren about a few projects we are working on, do a lovely asana practice to work off the all-over soreness I had form Ashtanga and Peggy's class. Then, after a therapy appointment, Anne and I met up for birthday pool date before heading to Breath and Body Yoga for class. This was my first Tuesday night there and what was so great was to see all the familiar faces- Anne, Jeff, Jess G., Dawn, Hannah, Zoe, Desirae (Which was really something to see because all of them are great teachers and practitioners so it was truly preaching to the choir!)And then also I got meet some new folks like Meredith who is reading my book, Ellen who I have seen in Mark and Hannah's classes but never had in my class, Terreh, a student who is a new student and both me and BBY and also Julie who I have only recently met. So it was a super great blending of long time and new students/friends.

We worked with the theme of "Putting the Individual into a Greater Flow" and with the number 43 to celebrate Anne.
So we did this sequence focusing in a big way on arm bones back and shoulder loop-
4 Surya A
3 Surya B
4 Minutes sirsasana
3 handstands
4 Standing Poses in flow: Parsvakonasana, Trikonasana, Vira One, Anjaneyasana
3 Attempts to spring forward/float forward from AMS to Uttanasana
4 Hip openers: deep lunge, eka pada rajakapotasana, malasana, suptabaddhakonasana (Active)
3 setu bandhasana to Urdhva danurasanas
4 urdva danurasanas to dwi pada viparita dandasana
3 forward bends: AMS, Uttanasana, parvottanasasna with back foot in
4 minute sarvangasana
3 minutes+ savasasana

It was a fun class. We had a kombucha toast afterwards. Today Kelly and I are heading up to Desirae's morning class and this evening I teach at Breath and Body and also at Bodhi for the first time at 7:30. Please join me at either or both places.

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