Friday, May 15, 2009

Group Practice at Breath and Body Yoga

Group Practice at Breath and Body Yoga.

Well, we had a great group practice last night. I thought probably 3 people would show up for it but wow- 26 of us were there to enjoy the fun. We did an arm balance and backbend practice with handstands, bakasana, eka hasta bhujasana, astavakrasana, eka pada koundinyasana, several fun flow sequences and urdhva danurasana and drop backs. All of it seemed to go quite well- I think that was the first time many of the group had pracitced some of those poses so that part was super fun to be part of. I had the air conditioning on in the beginning and then we just let nature take its course as 26 people practice strongly heat up a room without trying!

I do hope that people decide to prioritize this evening practice this summer. It is very easy, once something like this happens every week, to begin to let other things become more important and unconsciously think, "Well, I can just go next week." This is totally understandable. It makes perfect sense to me. But there is a really cool thing that happens when you really commit to a time and practice with others- you begin to grow in your practice but also grow in relationship to the other folks that you are practicing with. Simply put, it is a bonding experience. And really, there is just no other forum for really deepening your practice than these group sessions. We have the time, the attention, the focus and the group's energy all to draw upon to explore poses that don't come along in the average public class. Plus we have tons of teachers and advanced practioners all in the same room so you can come and get plenty of help even if you are new to the poses on the intermediate and advanced syllabi.
Anyway, I had a great time and throughly enjoyed myself. Off to Corpus Chrisi for the weekend. YAY!


Jeremiah Wallace said...

Say hi to Yvonne Rodriguez for me! I found out she's in the CC group and she's a good old friend of mine.

Dale said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Damn! that was fun!! I met some folks who were new to me, got to hug alot of my old friends who I don't get to see that often, and had a super-awesome practice. These long practices are so much more satisfying to me than a shorter time - I feel like there is enough time to work on several different areas methodically and slowly, which gives my body enough time to respond fully to the work.

I am totally stoked that a group practice is again happening in the area, & I plan to be there every week!!!


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