Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Anzy

I went to Juan's Mysore practice as planned yesterday. It was really great. I really think that is the only way to practice Ashtanga, I really do. He gave me some great help and I had a few breakthroughs due to his careful attention to detail. Love that.
After I cleaned up from that and had some food I met the fabulous Gioconda for a walk around Town Lake. Then Anne and I met up at Peggy Kelly's advanced class for a trip into Iyengar Yoga Land. That was fun and a very nice complement to the Mysore practice although I must say I am more than a little bit sore this morning. After that, I went home to get everything ready for Anne's dinner party.
Getting the dinner ready was pretty easy because I spent the morning making macaroni and cheese (which is one of Anne's favorite foods) and all I had to do was put it in the oven. I ran across a great sounding recipe in Vegetarian Times and made it for us along with some roasted asparagus and red peppers (Anne's two favorite vegetables.) Meg and Jesse brought some nice wine and some bread and Susan brought some homemade peach cobbler and ice cream. (Peaches from the Farmer's Market-YUM!) It was a great way to be together- very tasty things to eat, very nice company and a festive kick off to Anne's 43rd birthday which is actually today.
Here are some scenes from the evening.
The Birthday Girl Jeff, her man.

Meg and Jesse.

Susan, maker of great cobbler.
Kelly, opening the wine.
Meg and Jesse again. My timing was a bit off as I snapped the picture right when Jesse took a sip of his beverage. OOPS.
Anne and Jeff.
Anne, getting one more bite of the mac and chesse. YUM.

All of us smiling for the camera..."Say macaroni..."

So tonight is the first night I am teaching the 6:30 class at Breath and Body. So order is being restored back to Tuesday nights. It has been a few weeks since I taught on Tuesday and I am ready to be back. Please join me there if you can. I am planning to teach the calss around the mubers 4 and 3 since Anne is 43 and she will be in class. BUT DO NOT WORRY- we will not be doing 43 sun salutations.

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