Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursday Morning

So, I am up and getting ready to go up to Breath and Body for a morning vinyasa class. Speaking of morning vinyasa classes I went to Desirae's class yesterday morning at 8:15 and it was super fun. Kelly and I rode our bikes up there, he did some homework while I practiced and then we rode home, with a pit stop off at Mellow Johnny's.

My afternoon slipped away with all kinds of work- planning, promotions and writing.Speaking of which one thing I am working on with Desirae is a book signing party for Dr. Phillips. One week from tomorrow, Friday May 22nd, at Breath and Body from 4 - 7:30 there will be a variety of activities and festivities organized to honor and celebrate his latest book coming out. The name of the book is Yoga, Karma and Rebirth. It is great. Come to the book singing, do some asana, drink some champagne and get a signed copy and support Dr. Phillips, our local Sanskritist extraordinaire! More details to come soon.

I headed up to Breath and Body for my 4:30 class which was great fun. We had so many returning people but also a nice handful of folks new to me and new to the studio also. I always love that. Right on my drive up the highway I got a twitter message from John Friend and it was a quote about ritual and how they are means by which we can express our Divine Beauty. And so I worked with that themes last night. I kept the pacing slower and was a stickler for detailed transitions and form since these details can be seen as either tedious do's and don't or as a ritual acts in and of themselves, each dedicated to remembering and creating beautiful form as an expression of our own Divine Beauty. It was a great class, I thought. We worked deep into the hips and shoulders with some arm balances and clasping poses.

I taught my first class at Bodhi Yoga last night which was fun also. I got to meet so many new people as there was only one person in the whole room of 20 folks that I knew at all. I introduced them to Anusara Yoga (previously that class hour was Hot 26) with a breath-based flow incorporating basic actions we do all the time. I used the theme of Entering into a Greater Flow- Grace in the big picture but in the smaller picture our breath, the forms of asana, the optimal flow of energy within our bodies as accessed through optimal alignment. It was fun. The students there were totally game and really open and easy to work with.

I always find it interesting how different yoga studios have different flavors. I see it all the time because I travel to so many different studios for my work. Whether it is the owner, the method that is featured at a given studio, the location, the teachers, the facilities or some magical combination of all of those things, every yoga studio has a certain flavor that is unique. Personally, I find that phenomenon fascinating. I know lots of yoga studios are opening up in town and there is lots of buzz out there about competition and so forth, which I can appreciate. Really, I am a realist, if nothing else. But having said that, I think, at least in some ways, studios mostly compete for someone's first visit because maybe that someone will just stay and practice at the first studio they go to. That certainly happens. Especially with a beginner. But if anyone is shopping around studio to studio they are going to see that there are unique offerings at each studio, there is a certain mood that is distinct at each studio that is bigger than who teachers there and what method is taught and so on and people will find what suits them best. Of course I do not own a studio at this point in my life and so its easy for me to say!

Anyway- time to head out to Breath and Body Yoga. Vinyasa class this morning and then this evening is group practice. If you are coming, I recommend either a big lunch or a late afternoon snack since we are practicing when you might normally be eating and you will need some energy. (no, not a threat...just sayin'.) We will probably start with the room on the cooler side since the sweat factor, while good for somethings is not so great for other things. But do plan on sweating!

Anyhoo-- have a great day. Stay in touch.

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