Monday, November 19, 2007

With Mom and Dad

We spent the day in Georgetown looking at houses in Sun City. Mom's plan is to buy a house there in a year and move either late '08 or early '09. Ithink that is the plan. At least in a rough form anyway. The commnity there looks like it will be afun place for them to be a fun place for me to go visit. I think it is an excellent plan.

Kim Schaefer will be teaching my class at 4:30 tomorrow and Jeremiah will be stepping in for me at 6:00. I will be back teaching next week and I am sure I will be fully refreshed from the time off!

More tomorrow. I have to get some things done and get myself to bed soon. Shopping for houses is tiring! Love to all.

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whatnot said...

How nice it would be to have them close! The ads for Sun City make it look like a fun place to live.

I have given up trying to convince my Mom to move here--it's way too hot for her. At least this way I have an excuse to visit Seattle regularly, and escape the heat myself!