Thursday, November 15, 2007

Advanced Class Sequence

Several people asked me to post the sequence from tonight's class. Here it is:

The basic 12 poses:
Adho Mukha Svanasana
baby cradle
prasarita padottanasana
maricyasana 1
uppavistha konasana

The Basic Twelve twisted and turned:
parsva vajrasana
parivritta balasana
twisted dog
parsva uttanasana
parivritta uttanasana
parivritta utkatasana
baby cradle revolved
eka pada galavasana
parsva prasarita paddotanasana
parivritta prasarita paddotanasana
parivritta trikonasana ( I forgot to do this one in class!)
parivritta parvakonasana
eka pada koundinyasana
maricyasana 3
parsva uppavistha konasana
parivritta uppavistha konasana
parivritta pascimottanasana


We had a great group of people with really awesome energy in class tonight. As everyone was gathering someone remarked, "Wow, it is like a party in here." And yes, it was. People were just so tuned into one another and to the sequence and people's poses were just opening in beautiful ways. when we got into some of the arm balances it was just so awesome to see the majority of the people in the room in the poses. We worked with the theme of "support" in terms of community support and it just felt so true. That class is so regularly attended by such strong practitioners that the class is a real vehicle for support and a real testimony to what consistency and commitment brings. One of my favorite things about teaching yoga is watching community grow. I just really felt that in tonight's class.

The 6:00 class practiced shoulder loop and worked with the theme of "joining". It really occurred to me as I taught that we are, in many ways, "joining" with the ideal forms of the poses by joining ourselves to the principles that inform them. we find our own optimal expression and join ourselves with that. Over and over again. And in the process of joining, in joining ourselves with our practice we are refined and transformed. Really, what a cool thing.

The 7:30 class worked with "tejas" or spiritual lustre. We worked on refining parsvakonasana and preparing for vasithasana. That class is getting some regular people attending it which is really great because we can build on some previous lessons that way.

Thanks to Jeri, Anne, Tabatha, Hannah and Susan for double dipping tonight. Always fun to have people in more than one class.

Off to the Woodlands to teach this weekend. Fun, fun, fun!


mandy said...

Yes the 4:30 class is quite amzazing. You can't even quite describe the Shakti that the Kula has created in that class. It almost feels like practing with a group when one goes to see John. Ya know everyone in that room is so commited and already fully embraces the practice. Have a great time in the Woodlands and Happy Thanksgiving.

Anne-Marie Bowery said...

Parsva Balasana update.

so I was so close to this pose in =class this afternoon, I went home to practice the cough sequence in the back of LOY and added in PB after the sarvangasana cycle and lo and behold I got it.

I knew in class that I was about three tries away from getting it.

it isn't a solid grasp but I definitely more than touched the pose...

Christina Sell said...

Yahoo. Pose-lust realized.