Thursday, November 29, 2007

Big Week

Somehow the week got away from me without writing again and here it is Thursday night, home from the yoga marathon and checking in with my emails and business and winding down. I had a great week of teaching. It was nice to have had a break and it was nice to return to my various classes to connect with everyone again.

Tuesday's flow class was really a blast this week. We actually worked on visvamitrasana, and arm balance in the class which is a bit beyond the range of poses that I usually include in that class but the group was so strong, attentive and ready that I went for it and so many people managed to make progress in the pose, so that was fun.

The Tuesday advanced class worked on twists, forward bending standing poses and arm balances. It was a good strong and fun practice. (And thank God for Alice in the front row with her ever-present enthusiasm. I agree with Jeremiah, we are all in trouble if we lose Alice!)

Wednesday classes in San Marcos were delightful as always. We had several people MIA which I can only assume is due to holidays and the cold/flu thing that seems to be hitting people strongly. One thing I love about The San Marcos School of Yoga is that the room is small and the students are very interested in learning. So I find my demos very effective in this setting and the teaching fun and challenging in a way that is different from what I love about teaching in Austin. Really teaching here and there is the best of both worlds.

The 5:30 class worked on forward bends and had a huge breakthrough in janu sirsasana which was really exciting and the 7:00 class is progressing quite nicely through the beginning syllabus.

I am going to re-work the class syllabi slightly before the next session so that each level is more varied with a few standing poses, a few back bending postures, a few forward bends and so on. It will be minor changes just responding to what I have found in teaching from my original plans now for almost a year.

Tonight's classes were fun also. The 4:30 class was a highlight as it usually is. Lisa came up to me after class and thanked me for picking Austin as a place to move to and teach. It was so sweet the way she said it and I am not sure if I responded in the "right" way (by right meaning the way that best expressed what I felt) but what I felt was a lot of gratitude for the warm welcome I have received here. Really the community that I have joined and that we are all creating together is a pretty exciting thing for me. And now Jesse has rearranged his work schedule to be there at 4:30 so the fun keeps building!

I had a lot of new people at 6:00 and we worked on twists. And at 7:00 we practiced a potpourri of hip openers and standing poses. And the 7:00 class gave me a elcture on football. Evidently there is som big game tonight- Packers and Cowboys. Sounds like it could be a strange kind of reality TV show set in a western town's grocery store. Anwyay... more later.

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