Friday, November 30, 2007

Big "Day Off"

I got up early this morning because we had to take our dog Spirit to the vet. She came in from outside last night with a big chunk of her leg missing. That sounds a bit dramatic, doesn't it? Well, she had a big open sore on her leg so we gave her a Tylenol, cleaned it up a bit and tried to wrap it up. But with the shape of her leg and the placement of the wound we couldn't get the wrapping to stay in place. Basically her leg tapers so much that the bandage just kept sliding down. So eventually we put a long-sleeved shirt on her to cover it up and keep her from licking it all night. Anyway, the day started with a visit to the vet who said he would give her some stitches. She spent the day at the vet undergoing surgery. We will pick her up in a few minutes.

Then we went grocery shopping and then we worked on the yoga building some. I painted my door and Kelly painted the awning. I guess that is what you call it. We need to do a second coat but it looks better already. Then I had a great practice with some friends which was mellow even in the hard work. I really enjoyed being in my yoga building and practicing for a nice long time and being with others doing the same thing. It is just one of my favorite things. Moshi got to spend the afternoon with us in the yoga building since he looks so sad without Spirit around.

After we were done with savasana, Moshi got up and walked over to Mandy for some love. And then to Hannah. And then to me. And then to Jeremiah. And then to Mark. He went around to each one of us and got a big dose of love. It was so sweet. I love that dog.

Now I am eating an apple and checking up on some computer-oriented tasks and then we will go to the vet to get our sleepy-slightly-stoned-from-anesthesia-dog.

Immersion tomorrow! Yahoo. Reviewing the loops and fun with Inner and Outer Spiral.

later addition to entry: Here is a picture of Spirit home from the vet with her T-shirt on to keep her from licking her stitches. She is a very sleepy girl tonight.

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