Sunday, November 11, 2007

Immersion Weekend

Pictures from the weekend- thanks to Ari, our guest photographer.

The group was super attentive and very responsive to the drill sergeant approach to learning the principles (What are the three aspects of muscle energy? the teacher asks. The group shouts back, " Three aspects of muscle energy, sir: 1. hug to the bone, 2. draw to the mid line, 3. move from the periphery to the core. Sir, yes, sir." ) Like that. What fun!

It was also great to talk about Spanda this weekend after the very deep exploration we had with Carlos Pomeda last weekend. It was certainly a bit daunting to try to convey the depth I know exists in the teachings in a general way that was brief yet accurate. Anyway, I think the point got across by the end of the weekend and I enjoyed continuing to play with the theme. And ins ome ways, the Spanda theme is really every theme. More on that another time.

We meet again in 3 weeks for our final session before the two groups combine into one big happy family. In the second section of the Immersion we can look forward to some anatomy classes with Mark and some philosophy lectures with Craig Williamson, both of which I am am looking forward to.

Thanks to everyone who was there this weekend- for the laughter, the smiles and the hard work. Please comment and leave a note with your impressions of the weekend.

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whatnot said...

Wow, I thought I would beat you to the punch! You are so quick. Here are my photos:

Oh and several folks said they didn't see the ones from last time, so here:

Those who hadn't seen the photos also didn't seem to know you have a blog! hm. So maybe posting the link here won't help. There has GOT to be a way to harness spanda for this.