Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Anatomy, Laundry, TT preparations

So Kelly has been gone all weekend which has been a lovely opportunity for me to have some alone time, so long practices and get a ton of work done. I have refined my Immersion trainings, I have created an anatomy workbook for Immersions and TT's and I refined my TT outlines and created more structure, learning aids and experiential aspects. It must be the Saraswati tattoo because I have been feeling totally inspired and creative lately.

Along those lines, a Vedic astrologer once told me that most people invoke Lakshmi looking for blessing of prosperity wealth and abundance. He said that the smart thing to do is to invoke Saraswati instead. His reasoning was that if you have inspiration and creativity you have the means to manifest abundance. Also if you have money but no inspiration or connection to your creativity you are a rich yet unfulfilled person. (And rich is that, really? Having lots of money but no juice?)

Along those same lines, my spiritual teacher gave a talk about money once and he said, the solution to being worried about money is not having more money per se- it is having confidence in your ability to earn money. For instance if you are broke today but know how to earn money (and you are willing to work) your current state won't seem so desperate.

I suppose we should not forget Kali. We cannot afford to have her upset or feeling ignored. Kali is that seed of potential in us, our power in its raw form that slashes away at all standing in the way of Reality. Like Shiva, her masculine counterpart, she destroys our illusions and kills off what is no longer necessary without regard for how we are going to feel about it! But keep in mind- when something is really painful and it ends, we feel happy. That, too, is Kali.

Kali is goddess of raw power, of destruction who destroys time itself and the potentiality of Life.
Saraswati is the goddess of the arts, music, writing, creativity, inspiration.

Lakshmi is the goddess of abundance, wealth, refined beauty

So I hadn't planned to write anything about the goddesses today but as I am writing, I am reminded about how useful these archetypes are to keep in mind. Each one of us tends to operate under a certain archetype more than others and also we may find that we draw inspiration from these ideas differently as we go through the different cycles of our lives.

So I have been in a period of great inspiration these days, I really have...I am in the zone of Saraswati. I am having some of the most amazing conversations with people and some of the most inspiring experiences in my teaching work and my inner life feels rich and full. (See -- inspiration leads to the abundance of Spirit, which is really Lakshmi's gift anyway. The richness of spirit, that is.)

So anyway- today I am finishing up on my preparations for the next two weekends of Teacher Training, doing A LOT of laundry and I will practice some asana this afternoon. Tomorrow we have Focus on Form and Level 2/3 on deck so please come if you can.

ALSO- a reminder- this weekend I am teaching three public classes at Breath and Body Yoga:
Friday 4:30-6:00
Saturday 10:00-11:30
Sunday 10:00-11:30

So, please come join the fun. The room will not be heated. Also, keep in mind that Desirae offers a discount to yoga teachers so you can come to class for $10 if you are a yoga teacher.

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Elisa said...

There is always an abundance of laundry when other parts of one's life are in abundance. (Still haven't washed my yoga clothes from Part 2 Immersion. My slovenliness keeps Zobha in business.)

I am really looking forward to TT!!! Tanti baci.