Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday- SHAKTI SHOP today

Okay- well, I think I must go for brevity today since the last few posts I have written have been really long. I got so many wonderful emails from yesterday's post. So, thanks for checking in with me and letting me know the intimate aspects of your journey. It is really a very sweet thing.

I had a very fun and productive day yesterday. I spent a lot of time writing and catching up on emails and making plans for 2011 with Darren and Noah- (Stay tuned- we are cooking up something VERY fun and not-to-be-missed)- and then I met up with Gia for a practice before we went and had our nails done. We had a fun time practicing- we just traded off leading flow sequences back and forth as we worked our way into some back bends. It was really fun to share, create, explore and shoot some ideas back and forth. Like- hey, love that transition but do you think people could do it? or, love that sequence but my leg is DYING so maybe we should switch sides, etc. Anyway, good times.

Then we went to have our nails done. It has been months since I had a manicure or a pedicure so that was fun. It was also very funny because I usually go to a salon in South Austin right by YogaYoga Westgate. I started going there with Anne when I taught at YY Westgate. And so this time we went to a salon in Tarrytown. At some point, I looked over at Gia and said, "So the demographic at this salon is more than a little different than down south!" Ah, the difference a zip code can make sometimes. (Not on the inside, more on the outside expression of things. It is the difference between visible tattoos, body piercings, T-shirts with old jeans and Brighton belts, fancy handbags, ironed oxford cloth shirts, styled hair and big diamond rings! But I digress.)

After eating dinner I went over to Mom and Dad's house to watch a movie with them. While we watched the movie I turned the anatomy document I have been working on into a power point presentation I can use in Teacher Training so that was good to complete. The movie was sweet and then we caught part of Gladiator which has to be one of my very favorite movies of all time.

All right- so today is SHAKTI-SHOP at 3:30-6:30 with me and Gia at The Love Yoga Coop. I am excited about it. I always love these group practices because to me, it is the gathering of the tribe. One thing about Yoga in Austin, TX is that- while people certainly have "home studios" and "primary method allegiances and alliances" and all that- there are times when we all come together to just be with each other and share the love of the practice. These are times that our decidedly ecumenical Yoga community with its fierce independence that has always informed this city (I mean think about it- this is the capital of a state that used to be its own country! The karma of this town is something fascinating to consider relative to the culture of our yoga community. But once again, I digress.) comes together with the Austin ethos of friendship, good times and deep purpose. Expect sun salutations, inversions, standing pose flows, arm balances, back bends, forward bends and even a chance to rest!

All right- that's it for today. I have some other thoughts brewing but I need to write a letter and so I will save my creative juice for that.


Barefootlotuss said...

Nails. . .for some reason the idea of getting one's nails done seems so bourgeois to me. . never had them done and probably never will.

Christina Sell said...

Oh, come on... me and gia will initiate you sometime... it is great girl time... its a very fun and reasonably harmless and inexpensive way to indulge one's vanity!

I am sure we could convert you.

Anonymous said...